The Christians in the world. “Christians are indistinguishable from other men either by nationality, language or customs. They do not inhabit. This type of writing is also called an apologetics letter or an apology. Although neither author nor recipient is known for certain, the Letter to Diognetus purports . Letter to Diognetus, an early Christian apologetic work probably dating from the 2nd or 3rd century ad. It is often included with the works of the Apostolic Fathers, .

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And if you love Him, you will be an imitator of His kindness.

Letter to Diognetus

For the Christians are distinguished from other men neither by country, nor language, nor the customs which they observe. These things ye call gods; these ye serve; these ye worship; and ye become altogether like to them. On the contrary he who takes upon himself the burden of his neighbour; he who, in whatsoever respect he may be superior, is ready to benefit another who is deficient; he who, whatsoever things he has received from Godby distributing these to the needy, becomes a god to those who receive [his benefits]: Then you will epjstle those who endure for righteousness sake the fire that is only for a moment.

This is He who was from the beginning, who appeared as if new, and was found old, and yet who is ever born afresh in the hearts of the saints.

As calling us he sent him, not as One pursuing us in vengeance. I recommend going to our page on early Christianitywhen the faith was still warm and vibrant from the fire of the apostles. The soulwhen but ill-provided with food and drink, becomes better; in like manner, the Christiansthough subjected day by day to punishment, increase the more in number.

On or contrary, the imitator of God is the one who takes his neighbor’s burden on himself.

Epistle to Diognetus – Wikiquote

Discover some of the most interesting and trending topics of The invisible soul is guarded by the visible body, diognetuz Christians are known dioggnetus to be in the world, but their godliness remains invisible. Don’t you mock and insult them ever rpistle when you worship things that are made of stone and clay without appointing fpistle to guard them, but the ones made of silver and gold you lock up at night and appoint guards for them during the day so that they won’t be stolen?


Are they not all deaf? Christians of the 2nd century set a very high standard. Truly, the words which are written are not without significance. Then you will begin to speak the mysteries of God.

The flesh hates the soul and wars against it, even though it is not harmed, because it is prevented from enjoying pleasures. Knowledge and Life I’m not sure I completely agree with the Letter to Diognetus’ assessment of the tree of knowledge in the garden, but arguing with him is not what I’m here to do.

To men he sent him. The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica. This is He who, being from everlasting, is today called the Son; through whom the Church is enriched, and gracewidely spread, increases in the saintsfurnishing understanding, revealing mysteriesannouncing times, rejoicing over the faithfulgiving to dilgnetus that seek, by whom the limits of faith are not broken through, nor the boundaries set by the fathers passed over.

Wherefore both off planted close together.

What about the affection they all have for each other? Although only a few of his works are still read,…. Letter to Diognetus early Christian work. Chapter five of the Letter to Diognetus is one of the most poetic and beautiful passages in all of Christian history.

Is not one of them a stone similar to that on which we tread? As the soul is present in every part of the body, while remaining distinct from it, so Christians are found in all the cities of the world, but cannot be identified with the world. The soul, when but ill-provided with food and drink, becomes better; in like manner, the Christians, though subjected day by day to punishment, increase the more in number.

So, he was aware of all things in his own mind, along with his Son, according to the relation that subsisted between them. Christians love those who hate them just as the soul loves the body and all its members despite the body’s hatred.


These things you call gods; these you serve; these you worship; and you become altogether like them. They do not rehearse speeches, but exhibit good works; when struck, they do not strike again; when robbed, they do not go to law; they give to those that ask of them, and love their neighbors as themselves. He is, however, familiar with Christian arguments made by those who are familiar with the Scriptures.

While the philosophers were the religious leaders of Greek and Roman paganism, the poets were their scriptures.

The Letter to Diognetus is longer than my diognettus web page. Again, the writer of the Letter to Diognetus is not familiar with the Scriptures. The 13th-century manuscript was damaged in that place and the copies were made only after that damage had already been done. Today, if a person refers to “The Word” without any explanation, we understand him to mean the Bible. When you sign up for our Church history newsletter, your private information will not be shared, and we peistle only use it to send the newsletter.

They have a common table, but not a common bed. If you also desire [to possess] this faithyou likewise shall receive first of all the knowledge of the Father. Luke comments on this in Acts, saying: Aren’t they all made with fire and with iron tools?

This page was last edited on 16 Septemberat Others said water, and others some other element made by God. Views Read Edit View history.

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And He has manifested Himself through faith, to which alone it is given to behold God. I do not aim at anything diogneus what is consistent with sound reason. And He has manifested Himself through faithto which alone it is given to behold God.