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15″ Woofer, W, 97dB, 41Hz. Import in WinISD and Hornresp. Find similar speaker drivers. Eminence Alpha speaker for open baffle, sealed and ported speaker cabinets. The Eminence Alpha 15A is a 15 inch 8 ohm speaker that works nice as a. Overview. The Eminence AlphaA 15″ speaker is ideal for two-way sound reinforcement systems, keyboard, and guitar combos. For all bass applications.

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That would be a wavelength of 1 m. We will automatically leave you positive feedback within 24 hours after we receive cleared payment from you. I wonder what is the inductor value you are using in this set-up?? See detailed warranty instructions for each product on the eBay listing.

Visaton B and 2x Eminence Alpha 15A

Return postage-prepaid and insured via ground or parcel post. Russell Dawkins Full Member Posts: Eminence recommends the AlphaA driver for professional audio and bass guitar applications as a alppha in a vented or sealed enclosure. Please let us know if you are not satisfied before leaving feedback so we can resolve the issue.

Created 27 February Guy 13 Logged aquapiranha Jr. The speaker surrounds are an accordion style made from treated cloth Photograph 2.


Eminence – Alpha-15A – 15″ Driver

If the cabinet has 15x wire leads, just wrap them around the solder lug connector on the back of the speaker to make the electrical connections. This is particularly effective when the HF source is directional, as widebanders are.

I plan to use an analog xo and maybe play around with a digital one in the future. Also, have you considered U-Frames? Our state-of-the-art warehouse and amazing shipping team make sure your order is packaged professionally with some of the highest accuracy ratings in the industry. Please follow the Return Terms and Conditions before returning products. I’ve been running this set-up for a while now and have really been loving it — just thought I’d share some pictures.

Eminence Alpha-15A – 15″ Woofer

Logged Rudolf Full Member 15s Anyway, I’m a newbie at any type of speaker building and am also interested in building a H frame sub using 15 inch driver s. Hello, I’ve started to plan a new set-up that uses some of the comments above and a few ideas others einence working with as well.

The Eminence AlphaA woofer driver comes neatly packaged in a split moulded styrofoam shell and snuggly inside a sturdy cardboard box. Please contact us with the “Ask a Question” link at the bottom of any listing to obtain a required RA.


Similar open baffle woofers used: The pair of Eminence AlphaA woofers were well matched to each other. No purchase order or verbal advice shall alter this. The foregoing shall be the exclusive remedy for defective or nonconforming eminencee. This can be done by tilting the cabinet back and setting the speaker in place. The woofer connector terminals are lightweight and do not seem well suited to repeated and heavy use with spade connectors.

We have found the AlphaA to be a cost effective and solid performing open baffle woofer. I was wondering what type of material you made your baffle out of?

I absoutely love the way your setup looks! Eminnence nominal impedance is noted as 8 ohms and the measured DCR is about 6 ohms. It can help reduce the distraction form awkward hard-panned recordings. King has done some excellent work with the AlphaA see links at bottom of page and found it to be a well performing open baffle woofer that can produce excellent bass output down to about 40 Emjnence. I’m thinking i may try a H-frame on the two 15s in the next couple weeks.