El retablo de Maese Pedro (). Add a Plot» Related Items. Search for “El retablo de Maese Pedro” on Publisher: Chester Music. El Retablo de Maese Pedro (). Text Writer. after Cervantes. Publisher. Chester Music Ltd. Category. Opera and Music Theatre. EL RETABLO DE MAESE PEDRO. Ópera en un acto con letra y música de Don Manuel de Falla. Basada en los capítulos XXV y XXVI de la segunda parte de.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Archived from the original PDF on 24 September The palace of Charlemagne.

Manuel de Falla

Later performances have frequently used singers and actors to replace the puppets. The puppeteer returns to his booth and Don Quixote sits down. The curtain closes again and the boy describes how Melisendra, at the window of her tower, talks to Gayferos, thinking he is a passing stranger.

He calls for attention and announces the performance of “The Tale of Melisendra”, a story about the alleged daughter of Charlemagne who was held captive tetablo Moors in Zaragoza. His scoring, for a small orchestra featuring the then-unfamiliar sound of the harpsichord, was lean, pungent, neo-classical in a highly personal and original way, and pointedly virtuosic.

Continuing to insult the Moors, in archaic, chivalric language, the furious Don Quijote uses his sword to naese the puppets. In Winnaretta Singeraka la Princesse Edmond de Polignac, commissioned from Falla a piece that could be performed in her salonusing her own elaborate puppet theater. Don Quixote objects that the boy is getting off the subject: Otto Mayer-Serra has described this opera as a work where Falla reached beyond “Andalusianism” for his immediate musical influence and colour and began the transition into the “Hispanic neo-classicism” of his later works.


The Moor falls and is dragged away by the guards.

Xavier Cabero was enchanting as The Boy, whose plainsong is corrected by Don Quixote as he presents the narration for the puppet show cum ballet. The curtain now opens for the last time, showing King Marsilio running to get his guards, who depart immediately. Master Peter shows his head again to tell Don Quixote not to be such a stickler for accuracy, since plays are frequently full of errors and are successful all the same.

Musicians and puppeteers are all set. Because of its brief length by operatic standards about 27 minutesits very challenging part for a boy opera performer who has by far the most linesand its use of puppets, it is not part of the standard operatic repertoire.

El amor brujo The Three-Cornered Hat Ritual Fire Dance She quotes an old poem romanceasking him to ask in Paris for Don Gayferos. Although it seems to be currently unavailable on tape although Decca apparently released a laserdisc — remember those?!

Don Quixote attends a colorful puppet show and takes it a little too seriously. Concurso de Cante Jondo Impressionism in music Spanish opera. The premiere was attended pexro the poets, musicians, and painters who comprised the exclusive court of the Princess de Polignac. Master Peter, the puppeteer, appears ringing a bell, with a monkey on his shoulder. Was this review helpful to you? Edit Storyline A one-act opera based on an episode in “Don Quixote”.

They ride off xe, and the curtain closes. Just like we do! Marsilio sounds the alarm, and the city is in turmoil, with bells ringing from all the minarets. The Moorish soldiers pursue the “Catholic lovers”.


El retablo de Maese Pedro () – IMDb

In this production, the human characters are portrayed by real actors, while the puppets remain puppets. Master Peter tells the boy to keep to the story, without embellishments.

Which villain would come out on top? The scene is acted after the narrative explanation, the two knights rising from their game as the Emperor enters to appropriately stately music and confronts Dw Gayferos, striking him with his scepter, before turning away.

• El retablo de maese Pedro | Greek National Opera

The Moorish soldier is punished: The output is a completely original piece of music, apparently simple, but of a great richness. Bewitched Love film El Amor brujo film. He is taken through the streets to the town square, where Marsilio’s sentence of two hundred blows is peero out. On a balcony of the tower, probably her prison, we see Melisendra, thinking of Paris and her husband. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title?

Edit Cast Credited cast: A one-act opera based on an episode in “Don Quixote”. The puppets are ready for action. El suplicio del moro The Moor’s punishment. The difference is that Don Quixote does not tilt at windmills, but he himself observes a puppet show at naese inn.