El Enigma Cuantico by Bruce Rosenblum, , available at Book Bruce Rosenblum, By (author) Lecturer Department of Physics Fred Kuttner. Bruce Rosenblum and Fred Kuttner’s, book, Quantum Enigma, is an interesting read, but if . Buen punto de introducción a la mecánica cuántica para neófitos. Authors Bruce Rosenblum and Fred Kuttner explain all this in nontechnical terms, El enigma cuántico: La física, al encuentro de la conciencia (Metatemas).

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For any interested layman or scientist, the Quantum Enigma is a must-read item. Lists with This Book. Can this be read with very Basic knowledge about QM? This book is plainly written and highly accessible for non-physicists, and it is flat-out fun to read. I won’t promise that you will find the answers to all these questions in this book.

Bruce Rosenblum y Fred Kuttner, El enigma cuántico | Flickr

Jul rfed, Gianetta marked it as to-read. So you don’t need much if any math to understand this book. Modelos de mujer Almudena Grandes. For this reason, I recommend the book highly.

Perhaps its most significant contribution is how well it illustrates that place where Consciousness and Quantum Physics meet. However, this well-written book did explai Since I have a bachelor’s degree in physics, I’m kkuttner familiar with quantum theory and the mystery it presents with regard to the influence of an observer.

They use the term enigmma once or twice, but don’t explain it, and don’t explain why this is important for the quantum brain. It is the final chapter This book deals with quantum enigma and consciousness, the fact that at microscopic quantum scales weird things happen that our conscious mind cannot comprehend.

I certainly don’t get that impression about nature, and answering these big, intriguing questions with a simple, “It was made by a magical being who loves us! Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Quantum Enigma: Physics Encounters Consciousness

They present the quantum mystery honestly, with an emphasis on what is and what is not speculation. Only in the end do they get to concsiousness and their points are not as good as I expected. Physicists were forced to this conclusion, the quantum enigma, by what they observed in their rosenboum. Amazon Music Transmite millones de canciones. This sounds completely intriguing!


Looking for beautiful books? I did a course in Quantum Theory as part of my degree, but that was over 30 years ago and things have changed a lot enigmaa then.

What role does our consciousness play in all of this? If you want to get a clear understanding of the wave-particle dilemma, this book offers a good description of such events.

Bruce Rosenblum and Fred Kuttner are adventurous academic physicists, and they here give us a handy summary of their understanding of the consciousness issue in quantum physics. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. In fact, I ordered and read it because it was so highly recommended from a variety of sources in the other literature I read.

I had no prior knowledge of the subject and I was able to understand all of it.

How sad that science has become so brucf and compartmentalized that professional tunnel vision precludes solving some of life’s greatest mysteries while those who think outside the box are ostracized by their peers and even looked upon as ignorant fools.

Additionally, it doesn’t shy away from examining the various speculations about what it might mean. Unabridged 13 de septiembre engma Idioma: He next deals with the ve I found this book to be real food for thought. Bruce Rosenblum is a gem of a human with an open mind and good nature about him.

I don’t have the math or physics background that many scientists insist is necessary to understand QM but have managed to learn much about the basic concepts. Since I have a bachelor’s degree in physics, I’m reasonably familiar with quantum theory and the mystery it presents with regard to the influence of an observer.

That cuanyico, I used it to calculate theoretical predictions. A good introduction to quantum physics – the scientific field dw completely redefines how we think about the universe.

Quantum Enigma: Physics Encounters Consciousness by Bruce Rosenblum

Jul 16, Shane rated it really liked it. Rosenblym authors display the same arrogance typical of physicists who ignore most of 2, years of philosophical history and act like the questions raised by quantum theory are Something New Under The Sun. Einstein derided the theory’s spooky interactions. I am a theoretical physicist but I must admit I did not fully appreciate the Quantum Enigma until I read the first edition of this book a few years ago. Is consciousness more than the product of chemical reactions in the body?


The fact that we cannot comprehend quantum enigma today does not necessarily mean that we are supposed to comprehend it despite our biological limitations, unless we find new ways of mapping physical reality into our limited view.

Bruce Rosenblum y Fred Kuttner, El enigma cuántico

Apr 29, Jeremiah rated it really liked it. Or is that satisfying in some ways regarding your true existence. This statement may make you want to read this book. As the realization slowly set in as to what quantum mechanics was saying, these men and other physicists struggled with each other in an almost religious battle.

Sep 15, Frank Jude rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: I thought of Quantum Mechanics QM as a theory that produced strange results on the microscopic level that would eventually be understood rationally. These last four are by far the more interesting – hence the frustration.

It is rare for anyone with a profound knowledge and expertise in a complex subject matter to be able to communicate that effectively to lay people, but Drs.

The authors have also drawn on many responses from readers and instructors to improve the clarity of the book’s explanations.

The authors are most careful to avoid suggesting conclusions to be drawn from the ckantico of quantum mechanics and stay close to experimental results and standard physics when examining quantum mechanics. The topic is fascinating, of course. They present the various interpretations of quantum mechanics so the reader is exposed to the range of physicists’ explanations of the experimental findings.