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The results revealed that the students in the private school had more positive perceptions than those in the public school of how much the didactic classes contributed to professional practice, the level of motivation for the topics discussed, and how well coursework related to clinical practice.

A cross-sectional survey using a In dental medicine, the cariology may be considered the forerunner in prevention while other disciplines, orthodontics included, keep on being interested in symptomatic therapy. The recognition of the student profile provides strategic information for planning educational policies in the university environment. Considering that, it is accepted that the increasing of the allergy frequency or higher activity of another factor which ecaterima the functional dimension of the nasopharyngeal cavity may be correlated with a higher aanomaliile of the specific dento—maxillary anomalies.

A recommended level of OSC was defined as a combination of brushing at least twice a day, frequent use of fluoridated toothpaste, and eating sugary snacks less than daily. Users should refer ecaerina the original published version of the material for the full abstract.

The intense muscular activity is associated with a higher sanguine intake, which assure to the maxillary bones better development conditions. Furthermore, there was no significant difference between the HW and the Sum of contact-point widths In the next figure we present by antithesis a 30 years patient with the same type of open byte caused by tongue thrust who didn’t beneficiate of functional reeducation.

It is well known that the group of muscles which are influencing the facial growth and which are in straight correlation with the development of jaws and occlusion is made up of the facial musculature and by tongue muscles. Another five students in Help Center Find new research papers in: Some indicators of the survey show the impact of clinical and theoretical training on the health status of students in dentistry.



Observed Altruism in Dental Students: In the study group the ratios were computed: Moreover, histological studies showed that the activity level of the masticatory muscles adjusts the cranial and facial bones development, influencing not only the sutures growing but also the bone apposition and resorption 35. Mitigating the impact of oral contamination, malocclusions and craniofacial anomalies on psycho— social health and development. The data were analyzed using SPSS version This implies that being independent may be one of the most motivating factors underlying the bright image projected by the dental profession.

Dental students’ perceptions on the contribution and impact role of a clinical teacher. The aim was to determine a possibility to reconstruct maxillary frontal teeth dimensions by use of certain hard palate dimensions.

Leadership has been studied for the past four decades with an emphasis upon leadership and the transformation of vari- ous cultures, especially within the private sector. The optimum intervention is not universally valid and possible due to the costs or the limited resources existing in certain communities or countries.

No warranty is given about the accuracy of the copy. Oral Health of Dental Students in Casablanca. The aim of this study was to investigate the incidence of the anomaly and its clinical manifestations in two representative groups of children: If the balance between the cheek and lips muscles on one part and the tongue muscles by the other part is disturbed, it will be a high probability for skeletal and occlusion disorders to occur.

Dental Students Research Papers –

The intraoral radiographic images exposed on phantoms from preclinical practical exams of dental and dental hygiene students were used.

The association of respiratory and dento—maxillary disturbances was first observed by Robert in These are habitual actions, gestures achieved voluntarily and spontaneous iknescu the child, practiced with a certain intensity and frequency, on a longer period of time, actions that during the development of the dento—facial complex can determine the emergence of malocclusions.

Some errors were further subcategorized as minor, major, or remake depending on the severity. The deglutition is another function which implicates the components of the dento—maxillary complex, the most important being the tongue.

Prevention perspective in orthodontics and dento–facial orthopedics

The questionnaires assessed perceptions of the interaction between didactic and clinical content, the role of professors during the course, and their future professional practice in Brazil. The major principles of treatment strategy applied in study are diagnosing the anomaly in the decidual dentition ecateeina the age of 5 or 6 years, initiating the treatment after the emergence of the first permanent molars or in some cases even earlier and directing the growing of the jaws.


It will be interesting to know which measures can be used in the interceptive or corrective therapy for stopping the dcaterina development in an incipient stage and for assuring a later normal development of the dento—facial complex.

A survey in the form of a questionnaire was conducted of senior dental students in seven randomly selected state dental schools in Iran.

Thus, the identification, control and guidance of the environmental factors which adjust the growing of the maxillaries and of the other cranio-facial structures would be the main target of a prevention program in orthodontics.

In spite of the important progresses achieved in orthodontics field, the treatment still remains a symptomatic one. The deglutition, in a physiologically evolution dentarr three stages, dependent and in correlation with the teeth eruption and the jaws relation development infantile deglutition—before the deciduous teeth eruption, the transition deglutition— after the eruption of the incisors, the adult deglutition— after the dental arches are constituted.

This strategy primarily takes into consideration the diseases determined by the common risk factors, which can be prevented, represented by life style, diet, hygiene, vicious habits etc.

Dental Students

A reasonable separation of the genetic and environment effects was made possible afterwhen new genetic methods had been developed. It is also becoming evident that leaders and leadership skills are often derived from core personal values and perceptions of what is and what could be.

Majority of the students expressed positive perceptions on their clinical learning experience towards the clinical teachers in the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Malaya, in all criteria of the domains.