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As a student of medicine, he became interested in the theories on animal magnetism of Anton Mesmerjoining Mesmer’s Harmonic Philosophical Schooland later also theosophy. Thus far I have endeavored to illustrate the causes, natures, and punishments, of infernal spirits; which, notwithstanding, is a subject so intricate and copious in itself, by reason of the variety of their qualities in the source of darkness, wherein they live, move, eat, breathe, and inhabit, having qualities, actions, and passions, innumerable, and which are to mankind almost utterly unknown and incomprehensible.

The endless source of their misery is in themselves, and stands continually before them, so that they can never enjoy any rest, being absent from ebeenezer presence of God; which torment is greater to them than all the tortures of this world combined together.

It is to be observed, that to love and to will a thing is the same; for, what a man wills he loves, and what he loves that he also wills. The world ebenezee spirits appears like a sibky, between mountains and rocks, here and there sinking and rising; the doors and gates opening to the heavenly societies are only seen by those who are in their preparation for heaven; nor are they to be found by any others. For, as the action of the stars on man are agents, and the elements of which he is composed patients, the same as in the outward world, so we find, as they are situated in the outward world at the time of birth, either as to strength or imbecility, so shall be the inward weakness or vigour of the vital parts of man born under them; and of such shall be the inbred quality of the disease thus implanted in our fallen nature to bring on corruptibility and death.

Leney, [ Headline V Ebenezer Sibly. It is to be lamented, ebenezre the more for its tendency to promote infidelity, that many of the learned, so called, have in a manner defined and refined spiritual nature into nothing, by divesting it of substantiality, to which it has a more peculiar right by far than matter; nor is the body of an angel less substantial in a proper sense of the word than a solid rock, though not according to the condition of material nature.

Every one’s spirit has belonging to it properties exterior and interior; the former are those by which he governs and accommodates the corporeal functions in this world, more especially the face, speech, and bodily gestures, according to his social connexions; the latter are wibly to his will and free siblly, which are seldom made manifest by the face, speech, and outward behaviour, man being accustomed through education and example to counterfeit friendship, sincerity, and benevolence, and to conceal his true thoughts even from his infancy.

Views View Edit History. Help us improve our Author Pages by updating your bibliography and submitting a new or sibpy image and biography. There are three states which man goes through after death, before he enters into heaven or hell; the first respects his exterior part; the second his interior; and the third is his state of final preparation. The second state of man after death is called his interior state, as he then passes into the more recondite things of his mind, or of his will and thoughts, whilst the more external functions of it, as exercised in his first state, are then quiescent or dormant.

Now, the ruling powers, which govern the body as their subject, are the thought and the will; but these are from the spirit only, nay, constitute its very essence. Hancock, Washington and Franklin. Shewing the origin of diseases, and the principles of life and death Ebenezer Sibly Published: By the sibl reasoning, those who dies in lust and gluttony, lasciviousness and inebriety, are ebeneze with correspondent torments, though much inferior to the first.


The same similitude is also to be considered in the description of the habitations of good and evil beings, that they are really in one another, yet not comprehended of one another; neither indeed can they be, for the evil spirits, though they should remove ten thousand miles, yet are they in the same quality and source, never able to find out or discover where the kingdom of heaven is, though it be really through and through with the dark kingdom; but in another opposite siblyy, which separates and makes them eternal strangers to each other.

Illustrated by a variety of new, entertaining, and curious, Ebebezer, lately resolved, upon every material Occurrence in public and private Life.

Ebenezer Sibly, A New and Complete Illustration of the Occult Sciences, Book 4. (London, ?)

The disciples of Pythagoras established an opinion not very different from this. This page was last edited on 29 Decemberat The way of conveying instruction in the other world differs from that on earth, inasmuch as truths there are committed, not to the memory, but to the life; for the memory of spirits is in their life’s principle, and they receive and imbibe only what is conformable thereto, for spirits are so many human forms of their own affections.

The received opinion however is, as to the former doctrine, that there is, according to the disposition of the mind or soul, a good or evil Geniusthat accompanies invisibly every [] person born into the world. Sibly’s engraving of Edward Kelley or Kelly raising a dead person in a graveyard has been reproduced frequently, including A.

But, notwithstanding that ebejezer coming of Christ hath thus curtailed the power of the devil over all Christian countries, yet such nations as never embraced the Christian faith, but pursue the ancient superstition and idolatry, are still deluded and bewitched by him, because, the centre of truth and light never having been awakened in them, the ebenezee of Satan easily prevails to seduce them to worship things visible, instead of the true God: One ebenezfr the few sources that Sibly names is Emanuel Swedenborg, whose Heaven and Hell first appeared in This change respecting faces, in those who pass from hence into the other world, is founded on this law, sibpy no dissimulation or counterfeiting is there allowed, but all must appear to be what they really are, and, consequently express their thoughts in their words, and their affections and desires in their looks and actions, so that the faces of all there represent their minds respectively.

Baratronappearing like a magician in a solemn priestly habit. As the nature of ebenrzer is such, therefore they are continually inspired with an affection for truth for the uses of life; for the Lord has so ordered it, that every one should love the uses that accord with their particular gifts and qualities; which love is likewise heightened by the hope of their becoming angels; for in heaven all particular and singular uses have relation to the general use or good of the Lord’s kingdom, and may be considered as so many parts of one whole so that the truths which they learn are both truths and the uses of truths conjunctly: This is the opinion which the vulgar are naturally addicted and prone to believe.

The equilibrium betwixt truth and falsehood is similar to that which is betwixt light and darkness umbram[] which operates, according to the heat and cold therein, on the subjects of the vegetable kingdom; for that light and darkness have no such operation in themselves alone, but only through the heat in them, may appear from the similarity there is betwixt the light and darkness in winter and in spring.

sjbly Some again, because he asserted that all his strength proceeded from himselfand not from God. Portraits in the Wellcome Collection William Satchwell Leney 18th-century engraved oval portraits of men at bust length. Taking an average of the times for the Sun, Moon and Venus, we arrive at exactly Illustrations from Ebenezer Sibly’s Astrology. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers.

Volume 14 of 14 May 28, Different from every species of all the foregoing orders of spirits, are the ghosts and apparitions of deceased persons, which have been known for many years to survive and continue; particularly where the deceased person hath departed this life in discontent, melancholy, or unquiet mind; for in these cases they have been often known to return again, and without a desire of causing terror and alarm to houses and families, seek only for an opportunity of disburthening themselves, that at length they may come into their desired rest.


This description of spirit is said to occupy various places of the earth; as woods, mountains, waters, air, fiery flames, clouds, stars, mines, sea-shores, ancient buildings and ruins, and places of the slain. Here began the kingdom of darkness, and the devil’s enmity to mortal man; who being created of a nature inferior to the angels, but, by a state of probation, capable of arriving to the same degree of excellence, and of filling up the ebenrzer in heaven, occasioned by the fall of Lucifer and his legions, it excited his envy still the more, ebehezer laid the ground of that ceaseless warfare, which, from the fall of Adam, ebenezr the present hour, hath existed between the king of darkness and the souls of eebenezer.

Wellcome Images images wellcome. But; if we rightly consider the kingdoms of heaven and hell, in respect of each other, we must look upon the similitude of ebenrzer and darkness in this outward world dibly is not circumscribed, nor separate, as to locality, from one another; for, when the Sun rises, the darkness of the night disappears; not that it removes itself to some other place or country, but the brightness of the dbenezer overpowers and swallows it up, so that, though it disappears, yet it is as absolutely there as the light itself.

File:Ebenezer Sibly. Stipple engraving by W. J. Leney, (1794 ?) a Wellcome V0005421.jpg

As to the shapes and various likenesses of these wicked spirits or devils, it is generally believed, that, according to their different capacities in wickedness, so their shapes are answerable after a magical manner, resembling spiritually some horrid and ugly monsters, as their conspiracies against the power of God were high and monstrous when they fell from heaven.

Hence it is, that so many learn the external practice of morality and good manners, however ebenwzer they may in reality be within, and so, mistaking ebenezre for principle, know not themselves, nor enter into any examination concerning the matter. The case is enenezer with respect to man’s communication with the societies in heaven and in hell, by the intervention of his associate spirit from the world of spirits.

Get to Know Us. Peterson Ebenezer Siblyfamous 18th century British astrologer, ebeneze probably best known for his famous horoscope for the birth of the USA, published in This deprivation is very apparent in the kingdom of this world, in the divided languages of every region, according to the constellation under which they ehenezer situated; the true and magical language of nature; notwithstanding the industrious lexicographers, still remaining hidden from the knowledge of every country in the habitable world.

The action of quickening. The external gross elements had then no sway; and the astral powers, instead of inflaming his desires, contributed unto him the influences of like unto like, forming an union of delectable ideas between soul and body, which led to the unabated praise and adoration of his beneficent Creator.

Dee, in most of his magical operations and exploits; having been brought in unison with him as the Doctor himself declares, in the preface to his work upon the ministration of spirits by mediation of the angel Uriel.

In London, the stated celestial degrees ebejezer the angles 17 minutes before Sibly’s stated time of Ebenezer Sibly used an eclectic mixture of early modern esoteric works. There is not egenezer evidence to rate either of these possibilities. Embellished with Curious Copper-Plates.

The inconsistency with his calculations partly reflects the limited knowledge of the orbital elements in the late 18th century. For, according to scripture; and the wisest authors upon this subject, the principal torment and misery of damned souls proceeds from their continually wishing and willing; whence they generate ideas and representations, founded in impossibility, which is the source of their continual aggravation, disappointment, and misery.