A rough guide to Drakensang. Poradnik do Drakensang. Autor: remainaery. A sketchy, mostly spoiler-free guide to make your life a little easier. 40, o, Harp of Time · Ashraya, J’Ibal, Abyss of Time. 40, o, Seeds of Eternity · Ashraya, J’Ulda, Atlantis above Water. 40, o, The Assistant · Ashraya, B’Ala, Atlantis. The River of Time – Gandalf. Text; Nadoret, · Poradnik, · Komora, · Mytnicza, · Zadaniu, · Zadania, · Ukryta, · Elfi, · Hammerberg, · Obozowisko, · Gandalf.

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Gather information Drakesnang near the thieves and listen to them from a safe distance. The key to the door can be found on necromancer’s body Find Gerling You will complete this quest once you reach Prenn’s Grove Sneak up to him and pick his pockets – get the key and get back to the mage.


Head there, and get into the alley behind the “Fleet Footed Ferret” 1where the murder took place 3. Retrieve Saphira’s pot pot can be found in the Inquisition camp Tradan will head out to the Ducal Citadel.

Tunnels beneath the castle – level 2 It’s a good idea to use the hidden passages set throughout this level tje and collect the tme items stored there.

Haggle with him – getting what you need will cost you only 2 Ducats. Get Mimi to trust you Approach miss Strunkler 5 and ask her for some salmon.

She will thank you and promise to say a good word for you to Nandor Let the orcs leave and talk to Knight Traldar. After dealing with the harpies you will again cross paths with Archon Megalon 2. A female character may attempt to seduce him. You’re supposed to find 9 guild emblems spread all throughout the building.

Watch the cinematic and you will receive the Shield of Fire. You can help him fight them, and if you do, he will join your party. Report to Barla Tell Barla 5 about your discovery. Elixir recipe Search for Oracle stones Statue pieces 12, 13 and 16 can be found on levels 3 and 4. Intelligence Move a bit deeper into the district you will see that the Dark Eyes are patrolling the streets and you’ll need some vantage point in order to gather information Tunnels beneath the castle – level 4 Another riddle blocks your path – in order to pull the grates 16 up you will need to pull the torch handles in the right order After you poison the beer talk to the innkeeper and tell him you want to give a round of beer to the guards.


Talk to the innkeeper Tradan 3 about Neisbecks’ offer. When Gallo refuses to pay you 2 ducats eat the tongues. Get through the creatures and into the Lab. After you deal with all of the enemies go up to the spot where Ulwina is standing. Find a better vantage point You need to get to the second vantage point Get through the creatures and into the Lab.

Help Avanti in his search If you ask Avanti about his problem he will tell you that he’s supposed to look for a magic tome called Magica Luminosus 9.

On your way you will come across an orc camp in which Gondwin 4 is being held. You will receive this quest at the beginning of the chapter from the escaping mercenary 2. Find the culprits Tashman will find two robbers 15 and after the conversation he will attack them. Sneak past the orcs If you’ll manage to proceed unseen to the third level you will gain extra experience. Find Dranor You have to complete Find the Bandit hideout. Jest on widoczny tylko dla ciebie.

Attack timing. :: Drakensang The River of Time Dyskusje ogólne

Tell him that he’s under arrest. You must leave your companions and approach her with only Rhulana in your party. If you choose the right dialog options he will even be willing to trade with you.

Help repair the fountain You will be transported to the sewers in order to fix the fountain you will need to set the levers in the right order, beginning from the left: Inside the workshop you will find 80 Ducats, Ardo’s family sword and the description of his adventures. Time to go to the Blood Mountains.


Find Dranor You have to complete Find the Bandit hideout. When you get close enough you will be approached by a scared woman who will tell you that some men in red have dragged Jessica to the sewers 4.

There are orcs all throughout this level so you’ll need to either sneak your way up to the next level 7 or hack your way through them. Track Kastan Gamblack The quest continues in chapter five. Don’t let yourself be noticed You cannot get noticed so move about in stealth mode.

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Take the negotiator to safety You’ll need to escort the negotiator to Laran Dykemiller. Find the thief Quest continues in chapter four. The Burial Jewelry In one of the poradnkk 22 you will be attacked by two graverobbers.

Talk to Barla Darksmith Time to visit Barla 5. Trainer. Don’t let yourself be noticed You cannot get noticed so move about in stealth mode.


Talk to the innkeeper Innkeeper Thalion will tell you that the bandits are most likely in Bald Mountain Taunt him to give you what you need. The magician will be very pleased and will reveal what does he need the rock acid for. Ingania’s Wagoner Find the wagoner Go a poradni, further to find a body surrounded by a group of goblins.

Convince them using Fast Talk Return to the Kobold Once you convince the woodcutters return with them to the kobold.