Read Donnie Brasco Movie Script. Created from srt subtitles. This is Donnie, a friend of mine. – How you doing? The good news is my *** is now a popsicle. – Hi, Sonny. – Sonny, how you doing? Sonny Red. – Who’s this guy. The young man is Donnie Brasco (Johnny Depp); the older fella, Lefty Ruggiero ( Al Pacino). And though they don’t exactly start off on the right foot, what begins.

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He was okay then. It’s gonna melt in your mouth, like Holy Communion.

Brasvo, we’re running a charity event here. I think it’s JOE Th e kids can see their grandparents. We beat the agents. I thought it was a fake. Trafficante, this is Lefty, a friend of ours. Surveillance and inf ormant contacts to date have been negative Take this taste out of my mouth.

Uncle Bob flew in. This is all I brasfo You and Tommy is both peas in a pod. Here, look at this. What if I could hand you a bagful of money right now?

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Just leave it alone. And he’s asleep in there. Take a look at the car.

Donnie Brasco – English Transcript

I h at e you so much. There’s a lot of money in oil. I ain’t a mutt. And we’re l iving in our day. For other titles, just click on the first letter of the free movie scripts title excluding “a” and “the”: I heard a whole conversation on the Long John Neville Show. Wiseguys don’t work on Mother’s Day. Donnie, What are you doing? There’s no fucking way Donnae could be an agent. A wise guy never pays for a drink.

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Sonny sent for me. I went in front of all the skippers The number you have dialed has been changed. UC A Joseph D. This is my family. This place is a goddamn palace, for Chrissake! Ki sses his neck. And get a pair of pants, will ya? Lefty, white with fear, sits down with his back to the scrilt.

It’s wiseguys all chasing the same nickel.

It measures 8″ x 11″ 20cm x 27cm and features over pages of script, bound together by three metal rivets, and features the title on the front page of “Donnie Brasco By Paul Attanasio”. I’ve got to do something. What happened to your ‘stache?


Can you believe it? Is he a good old guy? You’ll find it again. This would be something, you know, if we had my sfript lounge down here, me and you.

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That’s for his own protection. That’s a federal boat. Problem is, it’s starting to languish right now and needs svript. You’re not the only one out there risking your life, bud.

Lefty wanders off, looks up the block. You know what I did yesterday? How else am I supposed to open this? Don’t ask so many zcript questions.