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Council Directive 86//EEC of 18 December on the coordination of the laws of the Member States relating to self-employed commercial agents. Council . Agenti commerciali indipendenti – Direttiva 86//CEE – Diritto dell’agente commerciale ad un’indennità dopo la cessazione del rapporto. Causa C/ nella causa C/98 (domanda di pronuncia pregiudiziale del Pretore di Brescia): Centrosteel Srl contro Adipol GmbH (“Direttiva 86//CEE — Agenti.

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This document is an excerpt from the EUR-Lex website. Questa direttiva non interferisce nelle disposizioni interne degli Stati membri che riconoscono all’agente commerciale un diritto di controllo sui libri contabili del preponente. Per il Consiglio Il Presidente M. L’agente commerciale ha il diritto di esigere che gli siano fornite tutte le informazioni, in particolare un estratto dei libri contabili, a disposizione del preponente, necessarie per verificare l’importo delle provvigioni che gli sono dovute.

Retten til provision erhverves, saa snart 63 i det omfang en af foelgende begivenheder indtraeffer:. A commercial agent cef also be entitled to commission on transactions concluded during the period covered by the agency contract: Per un’operazione commerciale conclusa durante il contratto di agenzia, l’agente commerciale ha diritto alla provvigione: Il Capitolo I della direttiva, che ne definisce la sfera di applicazione, dispone quanto segue.

Done at Brussels, 18 December N 1 8 LA La Diretttiva ha ragione quando nelle sue osservazioni scritte afferma che si deve operare una comparazione ex ante tra i regimi a confronto. Article 8 A commercial agent shall be entitled to commission on commercial transactions concluded after the agency contract has terminated: Imidlertid aendres datoen den 1. EU case law Case law Digital reports Directory of case law. Retten til godtgoerelsen i henhold til stk. Direthiva part of the remuneration which varies with the diretiva or value of business transactions shall be deemed to be commission within the meaning of this Directive.


A restraint of trade clause shall be valid only if and to the extent that: The period of notice cwe be one month for the first year of the contract, two months for the second year commenced, and three months for the third year commenced and subsequent years.

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Dette direktiv direttova ikke de nationale bestemmelser i de medlemsstater, der anerkender handelsagentens ret til indsigt med agenturgiverens regnskaber. Article 16 Nothing in this Directive shall affect the application of the law of the Member States where the latter provides for the immediate termination of the agency contract: Each party shall be entitled to receive from the other on request a signed written document setting out the terms of the agency contract including any terms subsequently agreed.

Retten til provision kan kun bortfalde, hvis og i det omfang – det godtgoeres, at kontrakten mellem tredjemand og agenturgiver ikke gennemfoeres, og – den manglende gennemfoerelse ikke skyldes omstaendigheder, som kan tilregnes agenturgiveren. Wathelet, President of the Chamber, P.

This document is an excerpt from the EUR-Lex website. Ritengo quindi che le questioni sottoposte alla Corte dal Rechtbank Utrecht debbano essere risolte nel senso che:.

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Skip to main content. Summary Parties Grounds Decision on costs Operative part. A restraint of trade clause shall be valid for not more than two years after termination of the agency contract.

The commercial agent shall be dirrttiva to compensation for the damage he suffers as a result of the termination of his relations with the principal.

Summary Parties Grounds Decision on costs Operative part. Essi ne informano immediatamente la Commissione.

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Need more search direttia The commission shall become due as soon as and to the extent that one of the following circumstances obtains: If the parties agree on longer periods than those laid down in paragraphs 2 and 3, the period of notice to be observed by the principal must not be shorter than that to be observed by the commercial agent. It is therefore left to the Member States to require entry in the appropriate register if they consider it expedient so to do in order to satisfy certain administrative needs.


Esso non indica in alcun modo, a mio avviso, la posizione del legislatore comunitario sul problema sollevato con il primo quesito.

The entry of the agent in a register can therefore not be accepted as a condition for the validity of the contract. C af 9. Ad ogni modo, il fatto stesso che i detti termini sono usati talvolta al plurale e talvolta al singolare indica che non possono essere decisivi per la soluzione della questione in esame.

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Would direttivaa like to keep them? This site uses cookies to improve your browsing experience. Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, the end of the period of direttica must coincide with the end of a calendar month.

OJ L C del 9. The Commission shall submit to the Council, within eight years following the date of notification of this Directive, a report on the implementation of this Article, and shall if necessary submit to it proposals for amendments.

The commercial agent shall lose his entitlement to the indemnity in the instances provided for in direttvia 2 or to compensation for damage in the instances provided for in paragraph 3, if within one year following termination of the contract he has not notified the principal that he intends pursuing his entitlement.

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