Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Jeremias Gotthelf () war das Pseudonym des Die schwarze Spinne: Novelle (German Edition) Kindle Edition. Die Schwarze Spinne is a religious allegory about morals and religious living in the mid-nineteenth century, written by Jeremias Gotthelf. This work is an. About Gotthelf: Die Schwarze Spinne. Jeremias Gotthelf was the pseudonym of Albert Bitzius (), a Protestant pastor and one of Switzerland’s most.

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It is the oft-cited reason educators are given for not being able to maintain classroom discipline. Da sprach Hans, des harrenden Weibes Mann, es eile nicht so sehr, bei seinem Gottelf gehe jede Sache schwer. I enjoyed this gothic tale. Jeremias Gotthelf was a Swiss pastor with an obvious Old Testament view of hellfire and damnation. An jenem Holze war sie gesessen in der Stube. Unlike Arachne, Christine does not weave.

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I have always loved the horror genre, mainly because I am intriguedand terrifiedby the premise that there are things still beyond our comprehension or even imagination about our vast universe. Der Baum, um den die ganze Gesellschaft sich lagerte, stand oberhalb des Hauses am sanften Anfang der Halde. Hie und da konnte eine neugierige Weibsseele sich nicht enthalten, wenn es Mitternacht war, durch eine Spalte oder Luke nach dem Wege im Tale zu sehen.

Als sie ihn endlich alt genug glaubte, gab sie ihm ein Weib aus ihrer Verwandtschaft, eins nach ihrem Sinn.

The Black Spider – Wikipedia

From the intro by H. But it’s all good!

Die schwarze SpinneI will argue, is a narrative about containment and a narrative of dei. Anyway, I’m making this sound like a culinary textbook.

The Diee Spider reads like a cross between a fable and a book from the Old Testament. Building a strong case, however, for the negativedemons and Hell and eternal damnationis much easier because we have a frame of reference.


Who am I kidding? Clearly this is secondary to the religious allegory on show here, but it adds a fascinating extra layer to the story. The novella also gives us a nice feeling for what life must have been like for the midth century rural Swiss folk, and Gotthelf’s word pictures of the village, the foods at the christening, and the bucolic scenery are quite vivid. The frame story is set on the day of a christening celebrated by prosperous peasants at a farm, and the homely customs of this rural community are presented in such loving detail, and their world itself seems so idyllic, so noble in its simplicity, that we feel evil could never enter there.

Doch behielt dieses Spiel auch nicht lange seine Wirkung. It is instructive votthelf see how the recalcitrant crooked timber of men house timber represents an apposite metaphor as you will see if you read the tale is brought into line by fear of the physical and supernatural consequences of questioning tradition and defying authority. There are a number of scenes that are bound to produce that wonderful frisson of chills crawling up your spine, making it a perfect pre-Halloween read; it’s also a peek into a specific society at a specific time and place making it a good story for historical fiction readers.

Please note there is a week delivery period for this title. Verlag GmbH first published The novella’s structure, consisting sipnne a frame story and two internal narratives, is not only pleasing in itself, but also an ideal conveyor of the narratives’ central themes. An allegory, perhaps; and a crackling good read.

Those stupid asshole knights spinje their stupid asshole birches. Seriously, it was in every other sentence for two pages. I wonder which is more horrific today – gotthekf graphic account of death and mayhem at the behest of the spider or schwwarze fact that a whole society schwarrze being held together socially on the basis of fear and anxiety. Da dachte endlich der Mann des Weibes: Allowing for any problems of translation, irony – that irony that says that, surely, this writer cannot possibly have believed this nonsense not the spider as such, of course, because it is clearly allegorical but the pre-scientific belief-system to which the spider belongs – is absent.


View all 13 comments. Die schwarze Spinne begins with a series of circular gestures, creating a sense of hermetic containment—a textual claustrophobia, even—as it introduces its supernatural storyline as terrifyingly real. You can unsubscribe from newsletters at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in any newsletter. Although the farmhouse was rebuilt several times, the post was always put back in so the villagers can preserve their old blessing.

The Black Spider is Gotthelf’s best known work. When it is used, it is more often than not accompanied with looks of either indifference or confusion.

However, once I got into the story this fell sschwarze and became much better — with the one notable exception of an EXTREME overuse of t My final buddy-read for Spooktober, with none other than the lovely Heather!! Published in by the Swiss pastor Albert Bitzius, who wrote under the pen name Jeremias Gotthelf, Die schwarze Spinne is on the surface a cautionary morality story about the dangers of corrupt unchristian mores.

The history he begins with is true. Thanks for telling us about the problem.