Der Schlumpf Katalog and pictures. Displayed here are Der Schlumpf Katalog IV and Der Schlumpf Katalog SMURFS – DER SCHLUMPF KATALOG IV Catalogue in GERMAN on Smurfs varieties and value. Since there is not a lot of text in the catalog, it is very. Der Schlumpf Katalog 4. 2 likes. Book. Der Schlumpf Katalog 4. Book. 2 people like this topic. Want to like this Page? Sign up for Facebook to get started.

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Patrol Crossing Smurf Archives – Smurfs

Only six Dder Smurfs were ever released by Irwin Toys, all sold on blister cards and all made out of China. All the markings can be found under the left foot: This figurine is cer same one used on Fisherman. Basically I like to collect all types of smurfs. The markings can be found underneath the base and on the figurine. Carpenter that was first made by Bully in or New Carpenter that was made by Schleich in When Guitarist smurf was first released by Schleich it was referred to as Beat Schlumpf.

This version we also see Scot with white socks.

We first see a picture of Scot with brown pipes on his bagpipes in the Schleich catalogue. It was referred to as Beat Schlumpf from to in the Schleich catalogues.

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It can also be found with many different colour variations, from peach coloured guitar to a dark red guitar. This version was made out of Hong Kong and the smurf was made out of white pvc material and then later painted. Oddly enough also Bowler was never released in the UK by National. There are also different Polish fakes of Head Chef with different coloured rolling pins that can be found.


After this kwtalog Schleich were allowed to use their own markings on smurfs. Like the Baseball catcher the biggest varaiance can be found with the colour brown used for the baseball glove. I am learning so much about the variations while doing this and it should help me a great deal once I have finished.

The size of the whip can be found both short and long.


Strangely though Bowler was never released by BP Australia as a regular smurf. It was only ever sold with Super Smurf!!

It is just a pity there are some rogue people out there who are taking advantage of their rarity by adding their own paintwork. The white shoes may have two red horizontal or diagonal lines on each shoe. Toggle navigation Blue Cavern. There are two different marking versions that can be found with this deg stop sign. Lion Tamer was first released by Bully in ser possible only six months. French Fries smurf was first released by Schleich in Germany or Portugal the red rollers will be smooth, sometimes referred to as continuous.

In Brazil when Hering iatalog making smurfs sometime between to they referred to as Guitarrista. For some of you, School Patrol smurf is a little plain and lacks imagination.


Blue Cavern

With the Chef made out of Hong Kong it can be possible to find this with markings on the back or under the feet. Carpenter was one of the scchlumpf smurfs produced by Katwlog in We first see a picture of Scot with brown pipes on his bagpipes in the Schleich catalogue. Roller Skate Smurfette is still as popular as ever and can be found fairly easily.

In the smurfs with a blue paint dot were painted with a high gloss shiny blue colour.

Again the colour of her hair may vary depending where it was made. Sadly School Patrol Smurf was also a casualty of these new laws. So quite possible it was also in other countries apart from the USA. On the Toydreamer website it has been given the name of Rock n Roll. The sign is white with a red border and shows the symbol of two people walking in the middle of the sign.

I have also seen pictures of Cook with a red bow tie and schkumpf with a white spoon and a yellow pot, not sure if they are genuine or not. It is quite likely that they released Traffic Crossing around the same time.

In the early s new child safety laws forced the discontinuation of many smurf figurines which included a seperate or removable parts.