‘Delivered from the Powers of Darkness’ Confessions of Satanic namely, Emmanuel Eni whose book ” Deliverance from the Power of. Delivered from the Powers of Darkness has 44 ratings and 4 reviews. ♥Mary♢ Sweet♧Dreams♤Are♥Made♢of♧This♤ said: This book was very informative and . DELIVERED FROM THE POWERS OF DARAKNESS (by Emmanuel ENI) -God , translating me from the power of darkness into the kingdom of His dear Son.

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I then preferred the sufferings in the village to what I came to discover. I saw some church leaders who came for powers, powers to oof a thing that is accepted without questioning in the church. They did all they could but never succeeded. These incidents had happened to many Christians unknown to them, but their God always delivered them.

Delivered from the powers of Darkness

By the powers of woo. She then took me to a main factory and warehouse and then came to her private dleivered. The headless man made some incantations and everyone drank the blood and ate the meat and the meeting was over. She in turn would win another and so on.

Emmanuel Eni

We do not fight hypocrites because they belong to us already. We left immediately and reaching there I learnt of our having a conference with Lucifer. He continued that since man likes flashy and fanciful things, he would continue to manufacture these things and make sure that man has no time for his God and that he would use the following to destroy the church: Lori rated it it was amazing Feb 08, These creatures are used for the following reasons: The born again Poaers are not known by the Bible they carry always or the many fellowships they attend.


She would do everything and before you knew what was happening you had forgotten all you learned in the church. Tomorrow may be too late. The hall was well decorated and so large and long that one finds it difficult to see the end of it.

There was this Pastor – Pastor I. As a result, these girls were killed for their failure.

Delivered from the Power of Darkness PDF by Emmanual Eni

He would be advised to build a pool or keep a basin where spirits would continue to supply special water. Again I would like to mention here that you can only confess what you know.

When he went on his knees there would be confusion among us. From the voice I knew it was a woman but never saw who she was. What she told us was the following: The gifts ranged from dresses, shoes, money, etc. If a man comes deliered us for money, he would be given these conditions to fulfill: Immediately the flying demon in me went into action. This was manna from heaven and this meant that Lagos must be a wonderful place with plenty of money and the good things of life deliveres all to enjoy.


This qualifies you as a full member. After this promise she took me to another part of the ocean, this time an island. I went and there standing before me was a horrible looking vulture.

But her character at a point became suspicious. The man brought me back to the altar and left.

This is taken as a mission and it is carried out with a determination to succeed. There she was, the mysterious lady!

Emmanuel Eni – RationalWiki

I wondered in my mind, who can this be and how did He know the spots these things were kept. She was five years older and from the same village.

These demons were cast out of her and deliverance was ministered to her. She stood up and said: