Welding Inspection (WIS) TWI Training & Examination Services Granta . near surface discontinuities in ferromagnetic materials give 90 The eLearning materials for CSWIP , one of TWI’s most popular courses, have been in great demand ever since the TWI Virtual Academy was launched at the. CSWIP – Welding Inspector PLUS Theory Pre-course eLearning Package and visual revision tools to support the learning materials and course content.

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What types of electrodes needs extra treatment?

This site or the third party tools it uses, make use of cookies needed to function and useful for the purposes indicated in the cookie policy. With reference to a root penetration bead, you could certainly assess: What change will occur on the HAZ during heating of metal caused by welding? In a steel which has improved creep properties at elevated temperature, which one of the following elements helps in this improvement? In MMA welding, what parameter is used to control the penetration into the base material?

The likelihood of brittle fracture in steels will increase with: Non-planar defects associated with a weld: When referring to MIG welding, the shielding gas could be: The course lasts 40 hours over 5 working days and includes a theoretical part in the field of welding inspection, and a number of practical exercises for exam preparation.

Which of the following are considered to be HAZ cracks? Which of the following standards entitled Visual inspection of fusion welded joints? What action must the welding inspector request if a lamination is found extending into the bevel face?


What term applies if a carbon steel weldment is heated up to a temperature which creates austenitic grain growth and then is allowed to cool in air? The defect repaired was lack of inter-penetration and it had been cewip with a disc grinder prior to repair. A welding procedure is useful to: Lamellar tearing has occurred in a ccswip fabrication.

Which of the following heat treatment processes would be used for grain refinement? Hot shortness is a term used to indicate: Ultrasonic would be preferred over radiography due to: An E80 electrode would normally be classified in which standard: Why is Hot Pass so called? Polyethylene pipes and fittings welders.

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The type of SAW flux is more resistant to moisture absorption: Which of the following welding processes uses a resistive heating system to achieve weld metal deposition?

Cold lapping is another term for: Which of the following welding processes would you expect to use a collet: Which of the following are essential factors for lamellar tearing? What would be the effect of this on a carbon steel? Which of the following welding processes does not use a consumable electrode? The course and exam are in Italian.

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The deviation of the arc during arc welding due to external magnetic influences is known as: Penetrant inspection and MPI are mainly used to: Access requirements are based solely on experience: During CO2 welding, the arc length is most likely to be affected by: Welds made with high heat inputs show a reduction in one of the following properties: Which of the following butt weld preparation is usually the most susceptible to lack of side wall fusion during MMA welding?


In BS an electrode classified as E Incomplete root fusion would certainly be caused by: When manual metal arc welding is being carried out on an open construction site, which group of welders are the most likely to require continuous monitoring?

Cellulosic coatings are generally used because of: The important point of high temperature steels is that: We organise over 15 courses in Italian, scheduled annually at various venues throughout the country.

If the amperage is too low during the welding of cswop root bead, the possible result would be: A typical minimum preheat temperature for an MMA weld made on steel with naterial carbon content of 0. In SAW, the use of excessively high voltage would result in: Which of the following does not require baking or drying: A center line crack in a fillet weld: Increasing the arc energy input of a welded joint will: Which of the following could cause root concavity?

Applying preheat when welding, carbon manganese steel is normally done to avoid: A fatigue failure is characteristic by the appearance of the fracture surface.

A welding process using equipment with a flat characteristic: The most serious defect types are: Which of the following processes would be most prone to lack of fusion defects: Which of the following is not specified on a typical written courae procedure?