Army Building; Tactics; Craftworld Unit Recommendations .. This is a very good warlord trait in a codex full of them, which is a bit of a shame. You would think that “angry punch ghosts who set you on fire with their Swords of Axe +1” would be a unit that would have attracted a lot more. Overview. The Eldar race do not live and die as humans do, even though they have forms resembling those of humans. Originally, when an.

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Swooping Hawks enjoy extra move actions for Grenade Pack trolling, and 80 shots in one turn is still 80 fucking shots in one turn. Wraithknights and Skathach Wraithknights. Hemlock Wraithfighters are a fluffy, effective pick that kind of appreciate the damage table modifier, but aren’t really affected that much by it.

Warlocks and Spiritseers love getting the chance to shake off the odd Mortal Wound they may pick up from the stray Perils that occasionally crop up in Psyker-heavy detachments as well. Need re-roll support and an extra Fusion gun for your Fire Dragons? Those that follow a Wraithseer around can also codez more focused support for their Advances and Charges, ensuring that footsloggers get where they need to be much more quickly then other craftworlders can.

Take a unit of 5 Wraithblades with Ghostswords, a Spiritseer with Enhance, and a Farseer with Doom and Fortune, with one of the characters carrying the Psytronome of Iyanden. Warlocks are necessary in lists heavy with Howling Banshees, crfatworlds Spiritseers are recommended should you go the Wraithblade route with them. Considering how a properly positioned Eldar unit is critical, this can be a good backup plan.

Bonesingers are all but a must in a Wraith or Iyanden focused list, as they offer the only healing support for your entire army. Farseers and Spiritseers are perfectly viable craftworls well, and can take the Shiftshroud of Allansair cgaftworlds consistent -2 to hit modifiers can also take in conjunction with at Autarch and his Shimmerplume if you can spare the CP for it.

If it’s any consolation to you Titan owners out there, at least titans from all factions got similar treatment, so if nothing else, it’s an unbiased craftworldds you”.

Fast flying infantry that have powerful guns that can not only punch through MEQ and TEQ targets with relative ease, but also effortlessly burn through horde armies with impunity. Farseers are another no-brainer; though more expensive, they offer much appreciated psyker support that can more flexibly assist your craftworrlds than a single Autarch can.

Use this stratagem whenever a Warlock Conclave successfully casts a Runes of Battle psychic power. Try coddex save it for tournaments or games against irregular opponents and if you’re confident you can afford the CP or potential risk to your important units.


See all 9 brand new listings. If the Avatar of Khaine is slain in the Fight Phase, do not remove it as a casualty.

At the start of your turn, you may pick an Iyanden Spiritseer. Combined with the Executioner power, this makes him one of the most reliable sources of Mortal Wounds you can field. It’s best to save your points for pretty much anything else for the standard detachment slots. Best Selling in 40K Miniatures See all.

Howling Banshees are good for clearing craftwrolds hordes and tying up enemies in melee combat, while Striking Scorpions are better at dealing with MEQ targets and are more suited for backline assaults compared to your other choices.

Lord of War Choice Recommendations: Views Read Edit View history. Used whenever an enemy unit arrives from the battlefield within eyesight of a friendly unit that is within 6″ of a friendly farseer.

Unparalleled Mastery 1 CP: Additionally, these individual Warlocks are in fact Characters, and will be considerably easier to keep safe from enemy fire. As the Soulburst mechanic thankfully no longer applies to anything in this category, and as Wraithknights are already shadows of their former glory, it’s best to simply pretend this slot doesn’t exist.

Jain Zar accompanying your Howling Banshees can make them that much more of a craftworldz to deal with, not necessarily due to the Always Fights First rule though that’s definitely still a plusbut the ability to disable an enemy’s weapon while in combat.

If you’re planning on taking a Phoenix Lord aside from Asurmen, your Elite choice will likely be the determining factor for this, and will obviously determine your list’s focus should you choose to do so.

And though the heavy Flamer profile on their Prism Rifles will likely give your opponent pause especially since the Spectres can simply leave combat and light them up come your turnCQC is a definite shortcoming for the Spectres; most of their to-hit bonuses will be negated though not all of them and they hit back about as hard as a stiff sneeze in the wind. Crwftworlds this with Irillyth and some Shadow Spectres to ensure any infantry that survives a salvo from either the Hemlock itself or the nearby Shadow Spectres tucks their newly formed shit-tails between their legs and books it.

Vypers are the ideal Heavy Weapons units you can take, since they are the only unit you can have equipped crattworlds a Bright Lance, Starcannon or AML move and shoot without penalties of any kind. None of the other named characters offer anything that really synergizes with Iyanden’s attribute, craftworldx would likely function better in a different Craftworld. A bit of a one-trick pony, but not much is going to be walking away from that particular volley of Shuriken shots.

All the other Phoenix Lords offer particularly powerful perks, though they’re all limited specifically to their respective Aspect Warriors and should probably only be used if you plan on focusing on them.


Games Workshop Warhammer 40k Craftworlds Codex | eBay

Lastly, Wraithseers enjoy the charge re-rolls for two reasons: Rangers are a given; they’re your second cheapest troop choice and combined with their innate -1 to hit modifier, ability to deep-strike and 36″ range guns, they are perfect for securing objectives outside your initial deployment zone, acting as buffers against enemy deep-strikers, character hunting, and just being a general pain in the ass to get rid off.

With 48″ range guns, it’ll be quite some time before most enemy units can slog up to a range that negates Alaitoc’s attribute. No unit you could field here gets any direct benefit from being in a Ynnari Detachment, and should be fielded in a secondary Craftworld Detachment to at least gain some benefit of use.

They won’t be using Battle Focus anyway, so going Ynnari is a flat upgrade with Yvraine turning them into beasts.

Warhammer 40k Eldar Craftworlds Codex 8th Ed Plus Datacards

Bonus points if they are Ynnari, and Yvraine is tucked away within 18″. All attacks against that unit are resolved at -1 to hit for the crattworlds of the phase. It can now discharge the shield a second time. Despite how durable wraith units are, they don’t appreciate having to slowly slog it across the field with either melee or flamer-range weapons while your opponent lights them up with all manner of heavy firepower from half a table away.

Comparatively, Swooping Hawks are cheaper, can deploy and redeploy at will, are longer ranged and able to deal with larger clumps of models better than the Spiders can.

Warhammer 40,000/Tactics/Eldar(8E)

Only dorks with wings and people with mind bullets get to lead the army now. For one command point, you can designate a character with a Specialist Detachment keyword and they gain the warlord trait associated with that detachment.

Starhawk Missile 1 CP: So technically if you wanted to run an all wraith army you would get more mileage from Ynnari’s Strength from Death. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. A unique little sub-division of eldar, the Corsairs are to the Aeldari as the Death Korps of Krieg are to the Imperial Guard; an overpriced Forge World exclusive faction with a fancy little twist on the standard way they’d normally play. They are still available in the Index but are no longer “officially” supported.

While a good amount of eldar cheese has been toned down since 8th edition launched, there are still a couple units that can perform spectacularly when grouped together. Alaitoc – Pathfinders 1 CP: Needless to say, this attribute comes into play far more often on multi-wound models and supports vehicle-heavy builds particularly well.