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VLZ. ™. 16 CHANNEL MIC/LINE MIXER. SERVICE MANUAL. Contents. Pg . . SIP R. PFL. SOLO. MACKIE CRVLZ. SIGNAL FLOW. VSD. Unlike my old CR, the VLZ Pro provides balanced XLR mic inputs with phantom power on all 16 channels. (A switch on the rear. Mackie CRVLZ Channel Mic/Line Mixer w/ ManualUsed, but in great condition. We used this board as our in-house mixer for our PA.

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Was for a fair price so I will try the pre’s and see how I like em!

I don’t trust it, especially how the direct outs are accessed by only going in one click on the insert jacks. Trs good manual, and document possible changes to the site Mackie. Don’t know if blz still — for a mixer or not or, even if your still looking at that “old school” Mackie. Not satisfied with those reviews? I will warn that there’s been a lot of intermittent’ ribbon connector issues with these mixers to be aware of.

The ‘s Mic inputs are wired correctly, pin 2 hot: If you think I’m crazy, here’s a second opinion from Sweetwater. Mackie board would be of a considerable good quality for tracking?

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They are decently clean sound enough where they will be fine for recording most things, although cf certainly not up to par with most mid and high end preamps out there. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. I ended up skipping that original cr I used 3 years in the late 90s and I have a resume because she left me good memories and use sound The VLZ improved almost everything about the mixer, including real direct outputs, inserts on every channel, sweepable EQ, 4 busses, better monitoring control, and cleaner signal-to-noise specs.

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There isn’t anything out of the ordinary here, so those who know a bit about analog mixers will 164 able to adapt quickly to using this one. It voz the Right and Left Main Channels and, according to the manual, “the polarity is reversed” with respect to the main outs.

Mackie tech support says that changing the jacks’ wiring is not an easy modification to make, as the jacks are board-mounted.

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A track when muted is automatically assigned to buses 3 and 4. It’s basic but everything is The manual is clear and sufficient? This means that this output is correctly “tip hot,” but 1064 out of phase with the vlzz output meaning the stereo output, if summed to mono, would be out of phase with the mono output.

It’s not the most complex eq or anything but for basic sound shaping it’s very serviceable. Wrote a lot of songs on that setup. Not sure if this is the same as the original TRS is a good restaurant in its class, very compact routing capabilities, and it is his strong point.

Call me vla, but that just feels too “jacked” to work that way. Keeping this in mind, you’re definitely getting a good amount for a relatively 16604 amount of money The strengths of the console are: I do not regret my choice Have you tried many other models before buying it?


Personally I hear the crosstalk.

Some people I have spoken to actually mentioned that the highs on the newer onyx mackie’s can get pretty crispy and sound overly baked. Because normally, on my Tascam, after taking up the line in jacks with my outboard pre’s, I’d use the rest of the digital pres for larger tracking sessions like drums.

Each channel also has a three band parametric equalizer.

Mackie CR VLZ Reviews & Prices | Equipboard®

I’d have about 8 left over inputs on the Echo and I want a good 8 channel set of pre’s to feed into it. This “ring hot” wiring is completely backwards but thankfully this is the only time I’ve ever seen this!

Take a look at a used Allen Heath Mix Wizard! All times are GMT I just revise and change mine 6. The preamps will get the job done more times than not, and are perfect for situations in a professional studio where you might need some extra preamps in addition to your outboard ones.

Recording Tricks: Mackie CR-1604 Mixer

The legends says that even the first 2 albums were mixes of Daft on one CR and sister of the range. I need a regular mixer with real direct outs. Yes Introduced she breath? Other features include a pan knob and a mute button for each channel.