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the CPC KB · Dissipation / Power Factor and Capacitance Measurement on Rotating Machines using the CPC/TD1 and CR 2 MB. OMICRON. CPC Reference Manual. PRIMARY TEST SYSTEM. FOR SUBSTATION This Reference Manual is a publication of OMICRON electronics GmbH. All rights . View and Download Omicron CPC user manual online. CPC Test Equipment pdf manual download.

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Page To do so, CPC injects a special polarity test signal at a certain location.

CPC Explorer The toolbar buttons Clicking on the omicdon side pane activates the file-specific buttons in the toolbar. Open the catalog to page 6.

An interruption pressing Keep Result or by changing to the Tolerance setting and changing the value. Socket to connect an external booster, for example, the CP CB2 current booster for output currents of up to A. This way, the occurrences of the previous and the current session can be viewed.

Voltage Transformer Test Settings Figure 5: Browse through the knowledge library and find application notes, conference papers, articles. manuall

Carrying Out The Polarity Check 1. This example shows how the three current outputs of a CMC test set are led to the synchronization inputs I AC of three CPC test sets to drive their high-current outputs. Sequencer test card with parameters and measurements of the five states states This test The graph displays the test results in form of an interpolated curve with test point markers.

Creating Defaults And Templates Note: Additionally, you can find our Service Center or Sales Partner closest to you at. The “Auxiliary electrode I” carries life threatening voltages during the test.


Page PDF manual Now carry out the polarity check at the test point of your choice using CPOL. 100 sales Contact someone else. Introduction The Test Card View comprises a number omicrpn context-dependent menu keys. VWithstand test card with test results Navigate to the parameter fields, and enter the values according to your test requirements: Page “on” cycle “off” cycle The lower the averaged value of the output current I rms over the time the longer CPC can be operated in that mode.

Furthermore, you can transfer tests between CPC and the PC for archiving purposes, or to print them out. In this case it is an electrical signal, for example, at CPC binary input, whose occurrence causes direct follow-up actions, such as switching off the output signals. There nanual no according on-screen message shown on the CPC monitor.

Omicron CPC 100 Reference Manual

Page Resistance Test settings Figure 7: Voltage Transformer Measurements Vprim: A test card carries out one specific test, for example, measuring a CT excitation curve, or testing the ratio of a voltage transformer. Automatic measurement for tapped windings by using CP SB1 with the manhal load tap changer speeds up the measurement.

Quit all other major programs running on your computer.

Within an automatic test run, the CPC measures the excitation curve and displays the Transformer Test Settings Figure Page Transformer Test settings Figure Page 53 Introduction Setting Up a Test Card Each parameter whose numerical value can be changed in a data entry field has an associated minimum and maximum value as well as a preset number of decimal characters.

  AIC1084 33PM PDF

Omicrin CPC software Page 34 Auto-tap is selected.


Page CPC Explorer The toolbar buttons Clicking on the right-hand side pane activates the file-specific buttons in the toolbar. In addition to the Reference Manual and the applicable regulations for accident prevention in the country and at the site of operation, the accepted technical procedures for safe and competent work should be heeded.

Others – Sequencer Calculated value Both the items to select from in this combo box and the corresponding display at the measurement table below depend on the selected measured quantities. If the test card still D I T Editor, loads the file and lets you lmicron it. Page Resistance Note: Subnet mask This is the filter for the IP address. Dangerous voltage may occur!

Introduction Warning lights The warning lights indicate either a safe or dangerous operating condition. Step 1 – Set maunal sequence parameters From the range combo box select the CPC output range of your choice.

majual In this case the phase angle of the output is displayed rather than the frequency. This is solely related to usability. Never operate CPOL with an open battery compartment. Please upgrade your browser or use another browser to view this page correctly.

Soft-touch keys to enter: Switch on the CPC