Cascais is ideal for a day trip from Lisbon, as it is connected by a regular and The railway is operated by CP (Comboios de Portugal), the national train. COMBOIOS URBANOS > LISBOA. Horário em vigor desde 18 de setembro de CASCAIS | CAIS DO SODRÉ. Cascais. P (Serviços ferroviários suburbanos de passageiros na Grande Lisboa) Serviços: BSicon Sado (CP+Soflusa) • BSicon Sintra (CP) · BSicon Fertagus • BSicon Azambuja (CP) • BSicon BHFq yellow. svg Cascais (CP) .. Horários da Linha de Cascais em , incluindo a estação de Oeiras.

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The train route is perfectly safe during the horariox. Estoril train station is centrally located on the edge of the beach and close to the grounds of the casino.

Cais do Sodre, Train, Ferry and Metro station, Lisbon

Which are the best beaches in Cascais? The ticket machines are often much quicker than queuing for the ticket office and all machines have instructions in multiple languages, including English.

Search Write what you want to find. This railway serves all of the towns and beaches that lie between Cascais and Lisbon and are situated on the northern side of the Tagus estuary. Para quando mais respeito para com os bejenses e os baixo-alentejanos? Generally, it is easier to catch the train than drive to Cascais.

There are so many great day trips from Lisbon, which one is best for you? Ribeira das Naus waterfront. Cascais is one of the most popular day trips from Lisbon.


Where the Portuguese go on holiday, discover their secret destination! There is good signage between all sections of the station, and it is easy to navigate around, but it is always a busy, especially at rush hour.

The train services are frequent and inexpensive, but as it is a suburban hlrarios there are many stops, and journeys can feel very long.

Suggestion and complaint – CP services

The train line is no more dangerous than in any other big city, but never overly display money or other expensive items, which may entice pickpockets who are always non-Portuguese. Pelo amor de DEUS The station does not have hrarios left luggage facilities, and there is no car parking close to the station.

The only time we recommended a car is if you are on holiday in Cascais and plan for a touring holiday of the surround region. The information presented is the responsibility of the competent authorities.

Cais do Sodre Train, Ferry and Metro Station – Lisbon to Cascais Train station

Lisbon has so much to offer, here is a suggested itinerary for a 1-week holiday. Parte do valor pago reverte a favor da CP. Estoril is very easy to travel to from Lisbon, making it great for a day trip.

A guide for a day trip to Cascais from Lisbon. Cascais is ideal for a day trip from Lisbon, as it is connected by a regular and inexpensive railway.

Within the station complex, there is a range of cafes and shops, and this includes a Pingo Doce supermarket, which is hidden opposite the train station ticket offices. I was refused travel with my dog at “villa real st antonio train station” on friday 17 july ! Between Lisbon and Cascais are many wonderful beaches, and this popular coastline is also served by the Cascais urban railway. Estoril is 25 km to the west of Lisbon and is connected by a good road network.


Venho por este meio dizer o meu desagradopagar para ir a casa de banhoque ideia mais estupida pagar para ir deviam ter vergonha uma pessoa aflita com a casa de banho fechada da cascals de origem ,chegada a uma casa de banho em campanha ainda tem que pagar.

Day trip to Cascais. The train route follows the coastline and provides some great views over the sea, for the best views sit on the left side when departing from Lisbon or right side from Cascais. There have been reports of petty crime occurring late at night on this train line, if travelling late always sit in the cascaia carriage.

There are two routes from Lisbon to Estoril, the N6 follows the coast and is much more scenic while the A5 is the main expressway and significantly faster. Please refer to the terms and conditions of the portal.

On the morning of May 28th the interior of the main station collapsed, killing 49 commuters and severely injuring Estoril is a popular holiday destination that boasts wonderful beaches, fine restaurants and the largest casino in Portugal.