Sex and the City author Candace Bushnell returns to familiar fixations in 4 Blondes – getting laid and getting rich. Blonde AmbitionCandace Bushnell created a sensation with her first book, Sex and the City, spawning an HBO series that has become a. Have a cocktail and read Candace Bushnell.” —Karen Karbo, The Oregonian ” Four Blondes is a punchy cluster of stories about sex, looks, money, more sex.

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Every time he finishes a piece, he’s scared he won’t get another one.

And that’s not a bad thing. Heed the content warning, please.

As Janey makes her way through a long list of eligible and some not so eligible men, she is forced to realize that she alone is responsible for making her dreams come true. And can’t leave the house, can’t do anything because of how things are, how her life is. Egged on by her friend Dianna Moon, Cecilia has affairs in New York city and the South of France, all the while maintaining her glamourous facade. I think there’s a lot more to this story than it at first seems and it was actually very interesting to read because she suffers from insane paranoia and possibly killed someone and is friends with a complete psycho lady, but that character is a nice foil to help Cecelia the princess get over some of her issues.

But the unspoken emphasis on the primacy of the individual at all costs lurks on as the sub-text. These 4 blonds were quite unique.

4 Blondes, by Candace Bushnell | Written Word

Bushnell is one of the worse writers of all time. I did not enjoy it what-so-ever She doesn’t mince words; physically unpleasant elements of sexual experience are dealt with in the same deadpan, knowing tone as emotions and career ambition, but the end note is optimistic, suggesting that a successful marriage is possible, but only if its limitations are accepted, and it is not expected to fulfil every desire.

Read this book only if you are being threatened with d Bushnell is one of the worse writers of all time. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

I agree with the aforementioned comment about Bushnell being the twenty-first century’s Jane Austen and I applaud her for at least TRYING to be honest and not just writing cheesy bodice-ripping stories that ladies read to get off on love and sex or whatever. Bushnell’s first book, Sex and the City, based on her popular New York Observer column and progenitor of the spectacularly successful television series starring Sarah Jessica Parker, saw its author hailed by some critics as the Jane Austen of the Upper West Side.


She shows us that no matter who you are you can be dissatisfied with life but she also shows us that it is never too late to make a change for the better. Lists with This Book. Four Blondes cha “Pour yourself a drink, put on some candacee, and pull yourself together. I hope she wakes up every morning and thanks whichever god she believes in because however she got Sex in the City published is supernatural. Books by Candace Bushnell.

Winnie’s husband James has the hots for Winnie’s younger sister, Evie, a screwed up, sexually loose young woman who dreams of being a successful journalist. As communication bushell, both Winnie and James – convinced that the root of all their problems is the other’s failure to understand their needs – first contemplate, then enact, adulterous liaisons. May 31, Ivana Books Are Magic rated it it was ok. I wanted the big, great, inspiring story about an unmarried career woman who goes to London on assignment and meets the man of her dreams and marries him.

What was it I wanted? So their relationship frailly goes on existing because neither one of them canadce how to properly communicate with one another and it’s just really sad. She gets the big ring and the big house and the adorable children, and she lives happily ever after. On the other hand, as irreverent and clear-sighted as Candace Bushnell can be about important things, there’s also a certain amount of cajdace and snobbery that seems to come directly from the author, not the characters.

Four Blondes by Candace Bushnell

That she can elicit sympathy and indeed empathy for these characters is testament to her skill as a writer, particularly her gift for brilliantly waspish dialogue. The narrative shifts smoothly between a detached, almost mocking perspective ‘Here are a few of the things they agree on: Bushnell uses these stories to give readers an inside look at the lives of the wealthy and the elite.

First, you need treat Four Blondes as an independent book and not a byproduct of a writer of a hit TV series. But stories are not reality, no matter how much we might wish them so. The most striking resemblances include: But I can hardly ever trash a author’s hard work, hence, I’d like to give this book 3 stars, since Bushneell got it for free, and secondly, the book cover is really pretty.

They hate anyone who isn’t like them When he gets another assignment he always does, but it doesn’t make any differencehe’s scared he won’t make the deadline.


Four Blondes

I’m fine with unlikeable characters. It was just creepy. I don’t doubt that vapid and self-absorbed women exist in the world, but why tell these stories?

But she won’t let herself go. Thank you for providing the excerpts from the book to show us just how triggering those quotes could be to many people who might pick up this book!

Yet in this book the rock star and his just-off-the-farm parents are supposed to be “terrified” of their brittle, artificial jet-set mother-in-law.

Candace Bushnell of Sex and the City fame has written a book that is either disgusting in its skewed portrayal of vapid, mindless, and spiritually bankrupt women or genius in its satirical and ironic take on selfsame. A selfish and lazy ex-model, a career-minded and dominating journalist, a paranoid princess and an aging “IT girl”- all four had few things in common, they all belong from The Big Apple, all four are thoroughly selfish, all four are unexceptionally modern out of their times, and not to mention they are all blondies.

Jul 31, Katie B rated it it was ok Shelves: I’d left Rory only two hours ago, and already I was thinking about another man.

This book is missing heart, substance, and whatever else that gives you a compelling urge to flip the pages to find out more. When it does get published, he’s scared that no one will read it or talk about it and all his hard work will have been for nothing.

You can read this book in approximately 3 hours and be none the wiser. Feb 27, Emily rated it did not like it Shelves: Like Wilde or Nancy Mitford, Bushnell has chosen to examine human behaviour in a world that appears at first implausibly one-dimensional.

Believing that relationships between the sexes are more relaxed here, she proceeds to reinforce all the busunell transatlantic stereotypes, under the pretext of exploding them. Even after all this time I read this one a long time agoI still can remember clearly all the characters. And then, because it would be too bad ass to end the book on that note, Bushnell has this character meet the love of her life on the flight back home.

The book should be called 4 dumb blondes.