IS THE CAMBRIDGE COGNITIVE TEST (CAMCOG) A USEFUL TOOL TO PREDICT THE PATHOLOGICAL STATUS OF CEREBROSPINAL FLUID IN PATIENTS. Screening Test s. Mini Mental State Examination (MMSE). 12 (52). Cambridge Cognitive Examination (CAMCOG). 8 (35). Middlesex Elderly Assessment of. A leading global provider of cognitive assessment software for use in: • Academic Research – Promoting products for use in Academic Research since

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There was no expressive range in the stability of the instrument for sex, age, schooling, or for the presence of caamcog. The fundamental psychometric status of neuropsychological batteries.

Reliability of the Brazilian version of the Cambridge Cognitive Examination Revised CAMCOG-R

The use of reliable and valid instruments to evaluate cognition of the elderly with memory complaints provides more accurate and reproductive diagnosis, making it possible for the health professional to be able to trace therapeutic goals based on objective results. The inclusion criteria were: The ten point clock test: The test-retest reliability was evaluated with a mean interval of A research team examined the records of the subjects who would be treated and selected those who fulfilled the eligibility criteria.

On retest invitation out of subjects returned. In the retests the agreement was nearly perfect for the set of items. The objective of the present study is to evaluate the interrater reliability and test-retest camcg well as the internal consistency of the Br-CAMCOG-R, as one of the vital steps in the evaluation process of the psychometric properties of this instrument.

tesf Examination of the association between CAMCOG scores and socio-demographic variables age, sex, education and social class shows that each exerts a significant, and independent, effect upon performance. Of the eight major subscales orientation, language, memory, attention, praxis, calculation, abstract thinking, perceptionage was significantly related to all but attention; sex with attention, praxis, calculation and perception; education with language and abstract thinking; and social class with language and perception.


Discreet differences were noticed in the ICC values for the subscale items after sex, age, and schooling stratification.

The internal consistency of the set of items of the test was high: Services on Demand Journal. This study took place in a public geriatric outpatient clinic in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. O alfa de Cronbach para o conjunto dos itens do teste foi alta 0, Int J Geriatr Psychiatry ; Bearing in mind the multidimensionality of the construct named cognition, the internal consistency of the instruments used to evaluate it should reflect the agreement or not of each item with the test as a whole.

The stability of the instrument with time did not vary between males and females and or with or without dementia. Instrument application and the evaluated variables.

Landis J, Koch G. Although there is no standard neuropsychological test for the diagnosis of dementia, exists several instruments used for this purpose. In the test-retest reliability study, The subscale means were similar in the two testings; a discreet difference was noticed in the “executive functions” subscale and in the MMSE. Arq Neuropsiquiatr ;59 Suppl 3: Test-retest reliability In the test-retest reliability study, It is made up of items which require the copying of drawings and the producing of a freehand drawing of a clock without copying.

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The test application was done by one of the five trained examiners for the study: The interrater reliability, which was evaluated using the ICC, proved to be high, varying from cqmcog.

However, education and social class are highly correlated variables and when the association with education is examined without adjusting for social class, attention and praxis are also found to be significantly related to education.


Hodkinson M, Qureshi K. The complexity of the instrument demands training for the raters and the copyright is reserved by the Cambridge University Press. Ageing Neuropsychol Cognition ;3: Evaluation of a 10 question mental test of the institutionalized elderly. The Br-CAMCOG-R has obtained a high level of stability with time, agreement among raters, and optimum internal consistency; it can be useful for epidemiological studies and in specialized clinics to evaluate cognitive functions in elders.

These findings corroborate those of Lindeboom et al. How to cite this article. Clinical and neuropsychological assessment of Alzheimer’ disease.

The high reliability of the test-retest found in the present study suggests that the instrument has an excellent level camvog stability with time, for both the set of items in the test and for the majority of the items in the subscales.

In the interrater reliability study, the minimum age of the subjects was 65 years; for this reason, it was not possible to test the items of the remote memory subscale suggested for subjects who were born after This finding can be partially explained by the fact that the punctuation of the items which constitute the subscale depends on the raters’ interpretation.

The overall mean in the retest was discreetly higher than in the test, which showed a possible learning effect, already noticed in similar studies with different cognitive instruments Ongoing additional criteria validity studies should complete the measurement equivalence of the Brazilian version of camocg test.