A bacchanale is an orgiastic musical composition (Kennedy ), often depicting a drunken John Cage wrote a Bacchanale in , his first work for prepared piano (Pritchett and Kuhn ). The French composer Jacques Ibert was. Composed in for a choreography by the American dancer Syvilla Fort, this was the first piece Cage composed for prepared piano. Cage. Documents Similar To John Cage Bacchanale for Prepared Cage prepared piano. Uploaded by. solitasolfa · Vox Balaenae Score. Uploaded by. erin.

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According to Cage, The Perilous Night expresses “the loneliness and terror that comes to one when love becomes unhappy”. The two completed movements are: Eighteen notes are prepared using 9 screws, 8 bolts, 2 bafchanale and 3 strips of rubber.

Paul Hindemith — Sonata for solo viola — Opus 25, No.

Composed in for a dance by Wilson Williams. Most are to be prepared using bolts, one new material is a penny. Cornish in Septemberas a pianist to work with her school’s dance department. The two heavily prepared notes are only used for a trill at the very end of the work.

Extended techniques are used: This work is similar in style large-scale virtuosic writing and technique rhythmic proportions dependent on the tempo to A Book of Music and too was commissioned by Fitzdale and Gold.

Compositions by John Cage Modernist compositions. A work in three sections: Both works may be performed solo or together with other “time length” compositions. American avant-garde composer John Cage — started composing pieces for solo prepared piano around — Dedicated to pianist Cagr Ajemian.


Composed in for a dance by Pearl Primus. Notations and Performancesp.

Works for prepared piano by John Cage – Wikipedia

Wanting there bacchanals be a percussive element to this music, Cage had a brainstorm: Composed in for a dance by Marie Marchowsky. The rhythmic structure is also identical to 34′ Victor D’Amico, Arlette Buchman.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. The piano part develops from free composition movement 1 to following the orchestra using a parallel chart movement 2 and then to sharing the same chart with the orchestra movement 3.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A review published the following week in the The Northwest Enterprise heaped praise upon Fort and also mentioned that Cage’s “fascinating music for Baccanale and his moving Spiritual composition were intensely cge in their own right.

Works for prepared piano by John Cage

Piano preparation in the Concerto is rather complex and involves, among other things, a moveable plastic bridge that makes possible microtonal effects. This material is placed between the strings in the following manner: You are commenting using your Facebook account. Fort will go on to a major dance career — one in which she is acknowledged as a leader of the Afro-Modern dance realm — and Cage will further his reputation as a brilliant eccentric by introducing his mind-boggling “prepared piano” to the public that night.


The version was choreographed by Merce Cunningham. Amores contains four movements:. Composed in early after Cage moved to New York City, as a concert piece. The work is scored for a prepared piano and a chamber orchestra and was written using the gamut technique Cage developed in String Quartet in Four Parts Retrieved from ” https: Composed in November first piece and January second piece.

Composed in for a dance by Merce Cunningham, and dedicated to Valerie Bettis. A Biographyp. The rhythmic proportions — 16 groups of 16 bars divided 4, 3, 4, 5 — are defined in the score, but the music doesn’t always rely on them.

It should be bacchanwle that all of Cage’s indeterminate works for unspecified forces the Variations series, Fontana Mix, Cartridge Music, etc.

The music makes much use of scales and arpeggios and features much virtuosic writing. In the score, in 11 cases out of 12, the performer is instructed to “determine position and size of mutes by experiment.

Composed in for a dance by Jean Erdman.

The film contains several segments hacchanale by different artists, and Cage’s music was composed for a segment designed by Marcel Duchamp. You are commenting using your WordPress.