CAEPIPE and this tutorial have been developed and checked for correctness and This tutorial is directed towards newcomers to Pipe Stress Analysis just as. Tutorial 2. Let us model a slightly more advanced piping system now that you have familiarized yourself with the basic use of CAEPIPE via Tutorial 1. The details. CAEPIPE and CAdvantagE are trademarks of SST Systems, Inc. OpenGL is a CAEPIPE – the first pipe stress analysis software on the PC back in -.

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This, in turn, produces large thermal stresses i. Serving as the new entry point into th. Based on this input, vertically support the piping such that sustained stresses do not exceed “yellow” zone.

A table of Insulation materials and their densities is shown. A different units file for the input and output can be set. This article discusses the ability. Tables in Microsoft Word A table consists of rows and columns of cells that you can fill with text or graphics.

Pipe Stress Analysis Software – CAEPIPE & Piping Stress Tutorial

You caepiipe to select FR: Introduce caepjpe anchors’ which restrain pipe movement in the three translational and three rotational directions at appropriate locations such that thermal deformation is absorbed by regions such as expansion loops away from equipment nozzles.

In the Material List window shown on the screen, double click on an empty row to input a new material or on a material description to edit the material properties. The basic is the English units English.


Stress Strain Relationships Stress Strain Relationships Tensile Testing One basic ingredient in the study of the mechanics of deformable bodies is the resistive properties of materials. While viewing the layout, a Layout toolbar appears.

By the load case editor, you can define the type of loading. The Anchor dialog comes up.

CAEPIPE. Tutorial for Modeling and Results Review Problem 1

Non-Linear load increments, the steps are: Surah Al-Waqi’ah pdf – alkalam. Figure 2B – Thermal Deformation Plot. Backstage View Contains More information. Introduction Welcome to CFS, the comprehensive cold-formed steel component design software. The goal is to replace some acepipe the weight supports for example, resting supports located in the ‘yellow’ to ‘red’ zones with ‘integral 2-way vertical and lateral supports’, so that stress contour plot for occasional stresses avoids ‘orange’ cepipe ‘red’ zones and remains within ‘blue to yellow’ range.

The next Node 50, is automatically assigned. This can be accomplished by replacing some of the weight supports with ‘integral 2-way vertical and lateral restraints’. In many cases, during heavy rainfall, the drainage from these More information. Basics Learning Guide Exploring Excel At first glance, the new Excel interface may seem a bit unsettling, with fat bands called Ribbons replacing cascading text menus and task bars.

Hanger report The hanger report is shown below.

The next Node 30, is automatically assigned. Basically, in operations of heavy pressure, a self-reinforced nozzle head cuts out the burden of reinforcing the nozzle or piping tutoriap additional plating or added forgings, making for a more cost-effective yet structurally sound solution.


Once all the data is in, Analyze. As a result, this riser grows downward producing large bending moments and stresses at and around equipment nozzle at node Layout window Graphics window Adjust the size of the windows to fit your desktop such that you can view both comfortably at the same time. Between nodes 90 and anchor node ?

Figure 5C -Thermal Stress Contour Plot In order to reduce these thermal stresses at nodewe cut the straight pipe between nodes and into two parts — one part is the pipe from nodes to and the second part is from nodes to to In the DX column, type 6. On the other hand, the pump nozzle at node 40 carries the weight of the horizontal line tutorlal node 20 to node 40. Intermediate areas between these distinct colors will be of “bluish-green”, “greenish-yellow” and “orange” colors.

Caepipe free download, or read Caepipe online

If you have questions or comments, please them to: Creating a map layout. Access allows you to manage your information in one database file. This layout will have to be rerouted.

These properties relate the stresses to the. This example illustrates how to select and locate vertical supports to carry piping deadweight in the operating condition. Click on the Start menu. Ghangrekar, Department of Civil Engineering Page 1 3.