Former antiques dealer Pobi boldly announces his arrival as a cunning novelist with this grim and gory debut thriller. FBI contractor Jake Cole. Bloodman by Robert Pobi book review. Click to read the full review of Bloodman in New York Journal of Books. Review written by Renee C. Official website for novelist Robert Pobi. Worldwide – August 6, His novel, Bloodman, was called ” a remarkable debut ” by Booklist, and ” a relentless.

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Give me a break. Lists with This Book.

Jake pobk his own demons to deal with as well. Tell readers to ignore it? Devastation is inevitable but when a number of grisly murders begin to surface, the local police do their best to b,oodman the macabre murders from the prying eyes of the press corp.

They’d come down to join him this same day. This book absolutely terrified me, but in the best of ways. She is working on her first novel – a thriller of course. Preview — Bloodman by Robert Pobi.

Bloodman by Robert Pobi

Breadcrumbs pohi Jake believes lead to the killer. She lives with her husband and two cats on four acres in south central Pennsylvania. She likes for him to choke her during sex.

And the thing with the storm – I know it was meant to bring a sense of urgency to the story, but instead it just got in the way. Apr 05, James Renner rated it liked rogert. Mar 24, Pamela rated it it was ok Shelves: I definitely found it a little hard to stomach. In warm weather he spends most of his time at a cabin on a secluded lake in the mountains and when the mercury falls he heads to bloodmsn Florida Keys.

Bloodman by Robert Pobi

Some time in th Jake Cole was home for the fist time in twenty-eight years. But to be perfectly honest, even though those things jarred me, by the time I got to page three-hundred-whatever and realized what Pobi was doing—another robdrt of a really solid genre thriller, for me, is that that one last piece of the bolodman doesn’t click in my head until a few pages before the actual revelation, which is exactly what happened here—I didn’t care as much as I probably should have.


Jake Cole has avoided Montauk for over a quarter of a century, having nothing but negative memories to associate with his hometown. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

Fortunately Bloodmwn Agent Cole is on hand to guide the local police and they manage to keep the press at bay. Thanks for telling bbloodman about the problem. Hurricane Dylan is a Category 5 monster which leaves unprecedented death and destruction in its wake.

Apr 04, Sue rated it it was amazing Shelves: Two stars mean I thought it was “OK” which is what I feel about this book.

We have a character who has a faulty heart which conveniently knocks the lead character out at key pointsa hurricane which is the storm of the century and is making everything hell, and a tiger shark!

Like, seriously twisted, sick and terrible. There are very few of my reading friends that I would recommend this dark murder mystery to because of the graphic descriptions of violent acts, but it grabbed me from page one for a wild ride into a tormented world. Bloodnan not artistically inclined in the literal sense, Jake can nevertheless paint an exquisite picture.

And it wasn’t even that it’s been done before. His father – brilliant artist and alcoholic, now succumbed to the horror that is Alzheimer’s. He recognises the killer’s signature. I hope it does well as the author definitely deserves kudos for his work. I felt like giving up a few times but I plugged on.

This makes it no less worth reading by any measure. Hopefully it has something new to say.

With robet lurking in the corners of his own mind, he can relate to and decipher the thoughts and intentions of the monsters he is trained to hunt down. I will be watching for it. Hard enough to bust blood vessels in her eyes. Bloodman by Robert Pobi. His eidetic memory, commonly referred to as photographic memory, allows him to reconstruct three-dimensional crime scenes in his mind, and provides him with an unusual skill that can assist the overwhelmed small town police force.


The beginning was great, edgy with numerous suspense moments to bloodmxn you wondering. Robert Pobi dealt in fine Georgian antiques for 13 years.

Also, why would he wait until the day of blodman hurricane to get his wife and son out of town? He had an eidetic memory, useful in his job as an independent contractor with the FBI. Which means I will have written two new novels, maybe three, by the end of A recovering substance abuse addict with the entire text of Dante’s “Inferno” tattooed on his body, he can verbally shred an officer foolish enough to laugh at a crime scene, mentally suppress the graphic “pornography” of his job, and still come across as a devoted husband booodman father.

Bloodman by Robert Pobi | | THE BIG THRILL

Having spent a significant portion of his life battling the demons of alcohol and drug addiction, Jake now battles monsters of a different sort as an bbloodman contractor for the FBI. The victims were brutally beaten, then skinned alive. Robert Pobi pulls you into the story as Jake works frantically with the local Sheriff to capture a serial killer. However the author not only went overboard on the minute details, but the characters tended to ramble on to the point where I found myself skimming ahead several times.