A growing body of evidence suggests that the molecular machinery of life emits and absorb photons. Now one biologist has evidence that this. Biophotons: The Light in Our Cells. There are trillions of cells that make up your body. For the moment I want you to think about just one. That one cell is. See discussions, stats, and author profiles for this publication at: https://www. ยท Biophotons- The Light.

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The physical basis of this highly sensitive analytical device is the photoelectric effect introduced by Albert Einstein in [ 1 ].

He then stated the unity of space, objects and events.

Here the sample is illuminated by a short flash of light, before the researcher measures in which way the absorbed light is given off again.

Neural Network World Although only a few such investigations have been realized up to now, we now know that weak, but highly coherent light is also emitted by the human body. Applications Since the onset of biophoton research, various applications have been developed by Popp’s group and the other labs. Unlike chemical bioluminescence, before the death of an organism its intensity increases steeply more than a hundred- or a thousand-fold, and then decreases down to zero at the moment of death.

Interestingly, an herb well-known for its use in stress reduction including inducing measurable declines in cortisoland associated heightened oxidative stress, has been tested clinically in reducing the level of biophotons emitted in human subjects. It is well known that fibroblasts play an essential role in skin aging, skin carcinogenesis and wound healing.

Biophotons – We are Light

As soon as this process is interrupted by a person entering, this electric current stops and it is for this reason the door stays open [ 3 ]. He introduced the concept of the coherence boophotons living systems [ 820 ]. Recent biophysical research has measured low light impulses, so-called biophotonic emission, in cells and biological tissue. This observation was made simultaneously in the year by Beukers and Berends as well as Wang.


Gurwitsch performed an experiment with onion roots. Historical development of biophoton research Biophotons were buophotons inwhen the Russian embryologist and histologist Alexander G.

Intention is defined as a directed thought to perform a determined action. Thoughts targeted to an end can affect inanimate objects and practically all living things from unicellular organisms to human beings.

Biophotons: Ultraweak Light Impulses Regulate Life Processes in Aging

The light field of such a laser exhibits a high degree bilphotons order and therefore is able to generate order and to transfer information in living systems [ 2720 ]. In the action of forging one can notice that iron, once it is heated by the fire, switches colours from dark to bright red.

Therefore the biophotonic model of cells provides a new and powerful non-invasive tool for the development of new strategies in aging research. Furthermore, in the case of cancer cells, the cellular toxins accumulated during the years, and often leading to deposits of cellular debris in the tissues e. Technology Review PDF magazine archive, including articles, images, and covers dating back to J Photochem Photobiol B Eggs cepls the largest cells formed in animals.

This model was based on the finding, that the ultra-weak radiation of cells can be measured by the technique of sophisticated photomultipliers used normally in physics to unravel the subatomic structure.

The old fibroblasts are not able to divide any more. biopotons

Biophotons: The Human Body is Made from Coherent Light |

A highly complex fibroblastic model system for cell differentiation, aging and cancer was developed by the German cell biologist Klaus Bayreuther at the end of the s [ 715 ].


Light is not only what brightens up our world by day and biophorons us see the things around us, light is also produced by our own cells and forms a major component of man’s inner environment and a non-material part of our bodies connecting us with the outer environment. Niggli HJ Aphidicolin inhibits excision repair of UV-induced pyrimidine photodimers in low serum cultures of mitotic and mitomycin C-induced postmitotic human skin fibroblasts.

They showed biological daily rhythms by biophotonic measurements on the hands and the front of a human individual. Hyland GJ Physics and biology of mobile telephony. In short, their capacity to store energy of light is lost. They demonstrated the particle- and wave-like qualities of light.

I summarize their mentioned general aspects on electromagnetic radiation as follows:. However, after their two publications they did not continue the investigations. There is still coherent superimposition of waves, but it is dominated by the absorption of light.

This observation indicated that white light was a composition of the rainbow colours. If we consider the role of the molecules, the organism can be defined as a extremely sensitive and highly effective antennae system, able to tune itself according to need to a broad range of frequencies and polarizations. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

T his suggests that biophysical light interacts with cell information self-organization, that may be achieved by means of bio-molecular, metabolic, or neural communication.