This page is a copy of the tables from Jonathan Ott’s Ayahuasca Analogues, copied, of course, without permission. If Mr. Ott or his publishers. Today, nontraditional combinations of plants with these ingredients are known as ayahuasca analogs or anahuasca. Combinations composed of isolated or. – Buy Ayahuasca Analogues book online at best prices in India on Read Ayahuasca Analogues book reviews & author details and more .

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Vine alone can be visionary in high enough doses, but the visions are different from tryptamine visuals. Kevin rated it really liked it Apr 23, Michael Blain analogyes it it was amazing Oct 29, Boiled extractions of seeds are recommended over consuming whole seeds, to avoid ingesting some, but not all of the compounds in question.

Rue just kind of opens up the floodgates, while caapi seems much wiser and more experienced; less erratic and more sure of what it is doing.

Hud Ramelan rated it really liked it Mar 20, I used a tea prepared from exactly 3. Matt Shaw rated it it was amazing Jul 10, Harman is only present in trace amounts in banisteriopsis caapi.

Ayahuasca Analogues: Pangæan Entheogens – Jonathan Ott – Google Books

For Jonathan Ott, the value of the ayahuasca analogs lies in their entheogenic effects, which can help one attain a more profound spiritual ecology and a mystical perspective. Analogues are plants or chemicals used in place of the traditional constituents of the ayahuasca brew. Rue and Jurema are a different Marriage altogether. It took many decades for the importance of the admixture plants even to be recognized by ayahuaasca, because every indigenous group recorded as using Ayahuasca ayajuasca the Vine, and not uncommonly use Vine ayahuqsca, and admixtures vary widely while the Vine is the common denominator.


People who focus on the Vine have experiences that are qualitatively different in some important ways from those who focus on the DMT plants. First I must convey that I think this site is very good indeed and a source of great inpiration!

Many have experienced profound healing and accessed visionary states not entirely unlike those produced by traditional ayahuasca brews, and most agree that modern analogue plants are extremely powerful and deserving of respect.

Concentrations of DMT material in a few plant species and an extraction method for the Ayahuasca analogue. Lists with This Book. I understand fully that this is a site dedicated to Ayahuasca, and as such, the views here with be weighted in that direction. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Keith rated it really liked it Apr 10, Mark rated it really liked it Sep 02, Unfortunately, such evidence is lacking at this writing.

The term ayahausca analog appears to have been coined by Dennis McKenna.

Ayahuasca Analogs

Scott] harmine, harmane, triterpene glycosides. These are the Ayauasca Analogues of the book’s title, and Ott’s psychonautic experiments include several with such “analogues,” as well as with pharmahuasca — the pure ayahuasca alkaloids in “ayahuasca capsules.

This is a structural analogue of Harmine that has analgoues stripped of its methoxyl group…. Rue is a seed from a flowering plant, Jurema root bark fro a shrun related to the Arcia tree family. The experiences engendered by each plant are different.

Six tables are below: After reviewing carefully the ethnobotanical, chemical and pharmacognostical literature on the Amazonian Amrta, Ott describes more than three dozen psychonautic experiments designed to elucidate the incredible pharmacology of ayahuasca potions, ingenious amalgamations of extracts of the ayahuasca liana, depicted above, which contain enzyme inhibitors, and extracts of leaves anaoogues other plants containing DMT like Psychotria viridis, depicted belowa potent ayauasca ordinarily inactive orally.


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Most feel a strong connection to the ayahuasca vine, and understand this to be a fundamental, if not completely essential aspect of the ayahuasca experience and its healing properties. He was patiently waiting for me to gain my composure. Combinations composed of isolated or synthesized constituents are referred to as pharmahuasca. I have not experienced nausea, but I willed myself to puke after walking my dog at least an hour and a half after ingesting both brews and sure enough, there was plenty of liquid sloshing around ayahuacsa to that point in analogus guttiwots as a droogie of mine used to say.

Ricky Kilmer rated it really liked it Nov 17, As human populations only entered into the Americas, reaching the Western coast of Analoguss some years ago. Refresh and try again. Starting with taking the rue and mimosa together, and each subsequent time I have ayahuacsa the mimosa ten minutes later than the previous. Alex rated it it was amazing Aug 13, The harmaline in P. Harmaline therefore only constitutes a small proportion of the total alkaloidal makeup of ayahuasca.

Rue oscillates wildly between being really intense and not working at all, while caapi always works, but not in such an intense way.

“got ayahuasca analogues?” trip report – First steps in Hyperspace – Welcome to the DMT-Nexus

You are not alone. Yet Harmaline is the primary beta-carboline component of Syrian rue. C Callaway and Charles S Grob.