option 1. am to pm, Monday to Friday. ATO online services for registered agents. 13 72 86 FKC 3 3. am to pm, Monday to Friday. Forms for registered agents to lodge an application for a deferral. To update GST reporting methods call 13 72 86 (FKC 1 1 3). If your client has a turnover of under $10 million, labels G1 and 1A must be.

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If a receipt number is not provided after the first time you select the Submit button, this may cause the error message ‘We’re currently experiencing technical difficulties, please try again later’ to appear. An alternative solution is to use the Chrome browser.

You will not be able to lodge these returns through the ELS if the following tags are not included in the return file:. Missing kfc statements If you have inadvertently deleted an activity statement, you can retrieve or recreate the information by doing one of the following: Such an identifier could be used in subsequent calls in relation to the same client on the same matter. This is a known issue and we are working on a solution. Atk copy of fkv direct debit request service agreement must be given to your client for their reference.

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Such co-operation, however, will be difficult if tax practitioners are pushed towards products which may not provide full functionality and may expose the ATO to the risk of lower practitioner engagement and satisfaction. To request direct debit and authorise atp to debit their account, your client must complete a direct debit request and send it to us.

There are three possible workarounds for this error: You can check which of your client’s accounts are linked to you in the portal: It may appear that the report has not generated. To ensure your status as a tax agent is recognised by our phone system, you can use the list below to respond to letters from us that quote other phone numbers. Friday 7 November until 7: This is a known issue and no action is required if the following situations apply to your client:.


If tao doesn’t work click on the window once and then hold the control key down and use the scroll wheel on your mouse to roll the wheel to zoom out.

Payments received by trustees should be included on the trust tax return. Accuracy of information on the ATO Portals 4. The portal is not able to accept RNNs ago these years as they pre-date the clients’ income tax registration. Dispute or object to an ATO decision Penalties for information about penalty units.

Remission of penalties | Australian Taxation Office

There is a potential risk that issues may remain unaddressed if there is insufficient clarity on the roles undertaken by the ATO and software providers in discharging their respective responsibilities in addressing tax practitioner lodgment issues. To speed up your access to the portal and other web browser applications, browsers store cache recent history in their software.

For example, questions could be developed for call centre operators to quickly identify which calls are too complex and to whom they should be transferred. However, the following combinations cannot be selected together:. Portals Click the link below that matches your system issue: Issues requiring attention gkc be addressed through coaching or other appropriate mechanisms.

Any fund transfers associated with these authorities that have not been processed will also be cancelled.

Remission of penalties

Before sending a CP transaction To ensure correspondence preferences work effectively: The IGT believes that if fjc migration from the ATO Portals to other platforms is not carefully managed there could vkc a substantial increase in telephony and other traditional mediums increasing costs, productivity loss and frustration for all parties.

Refer to the Australian Business Register for any additional Trustee details. The limit to the date of birth year dropdown box does not go above 80 years old in the employee details section. You do not need to enter an RNN for years prior to the client’s registration.

Consult your software service provider or contact your software vendor for more information and guidance. Publications can be printed or ordered: To view all clients; generate dkc client aot in ELS or PLS and identify Inactive, Cancelled or No role-active clients; delete or choose to retain these clients this can be completed via your software if the functionality is enabled generate the client list which will show all clients.


Mistakes found after lodging an activity statement After an activity statement has been lodged, you can revise the original details and send the revised statement through the ELS.

If the receipt number is not provided once the Submit button is selected or the error message appears, send an email to; SuperannuationBilateralAgreements ato. Check software product help files or contact your software provider for assistance.

This includes updating of the lodgment status. A revision to an activity statement can be lodged through the ELS, even if the original activity statement or the previous revision was not made through ELS. Entitlements to credits or refunds must be made within four years from the end of the tax period that the refund relates to.

ABN updates new role registrations updates of client information to other systems. The IGT supports this atk. NPEs are not to be raised unless there is a clear requirement to do so — if a floorwalker can provide the answer to the CSR the CSR should provide it to the customer unless the complexity of the issue and the CSRs lack of familiarity with it jeopardises the quality of the interaction with the customer.

Tax agent phone services (Fast Key Code) guide | Australian Taxation Office

Superannuation fund vkc tax return — and prior years. Such unreliability has resulted in productivity loss, missed deadlines, irrecoverable costs as well as damage to their reputation and relationships with clients.

Overall, it meets the three-second standard.