Atelier Kempe Thill is an architectural firm that includes Oliver Thill and André Kempe, originally from East Germany who graduated of Dresden University of. The Hiphouse project in Zwolle presented Atelier Kempe Thill with a welcome opportunity to fundamentally question the assignment ‘social housing’. Largely. Oliver Thill and Atelier Kempe Thill are in good company in past years the prize has been awarded to John Körmeling, Mecanoo, Wiel Arets, Willem Jan.

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Inwithin the framework of a negotiation procedure, Atelier Kempe Thill received the commission to plan a residential hotel for heroin addicts located at a sensitive transition between the square and the park. In order to realise a spatially appealing building within this framework, it was necessary to apply a variety of very cost-efficient construction methods. With this xtelier, it was possible to realize a special housing construction project with a consciously public-oriented and especially refined aura, both inside and outside.

Atelier Kempe Thill Tender documents: Interior lighting Outdoor lighting. Interior lighting Outdoor lighting.

VILLA PU by Atelier Kempe Thill | Church architecture / community centres

The floor-to-ceiling windows give the apartments a feel of suspended landscape plateaus; the natural environment becomes a part of the space and expands the interior beyond its physical boundaries. On the other hand, as a result of its sensitive user group, the building is designed as a rather anonymous, ateler structure that forms a building ensemble with the adjacent police station.

The working field of the office belongs within the realms of urban planning, public building and housing, but also research, education and publishing. Social Housing Croisset, Paris. In order to make this possible financially, the number of the different types of profiles was reduced to three. Rain, sun, clouds, wind and greenery determine the atmosphere of the interior.

The task was to integrate the small building as carefully as possible in the existing tree population, to keep enough distance to the adjacent building blocks and to design a monumental, polydirectional and well visible free-standing building.

Rochedale Projectontwikkeling, Amsterdam Mr. One of these qualities is the green, lush areas between the building blocks. Current user location United States. In the northern part of the downtown area, a new market square is being constructed, surrounded by the district town hall, a swimming pool, the Bijlmer Park Theater, and the already existing police station. International star-architects barely show any interest in the topic. The implicit assumption is that apartments for the lower social classes ought to be small, cramped, dark, badly built and ugly.


This image is collective as well as individual, for it is – consciously or unconsciously – formed with the active participation of every inhabitant. Architecture in the sense of a building art hardly plays a role here, for marketing and spatial qualities are regarded as unimportant and superfluous. The units are very well lit, with minimal circulation areas and large living spaces with freestanding kitchen blocks.

The quality of our work is important, therefore, the office prefers to work on the basis of full commission during the whole process allowing the office to guarantee a good product.

In the last fifteen years the office has appeared in around five hundred publications worldwide, amongst which were two monographs. Materials Doors Windows Staircases Building construction. The very compact building typology realized through the central circulation in Zwolle offers an economic and competitive alternative. The atmosphere that thus develops is very calm and neutral, emphasizing the spaciousness of the building and offering users the opportunity to adapt the individual rooms to their own particular needs.

Hiphouse Zwolle At the dawn of a new era of neo-liberalism in Europe, social housing is once again regarded with increasing indifference. The slightly rough concrete floor is only coated with a layer of polyurethane; the ceiling is covered with an acoustic spray plaster.

The residential element is offered in a variety of shapes and sizes, with spaces ranging from 40 sq m to a whopping sq m.

Atelier Kempe Thill

Then, the very rough surface is finished with an UV protective coating. The glass facade is made from an inexpensive all-glass system, which uses large glass pannels up to 5 meters in length, clamped only on two sides with a 5cm high steel profile. The public green with its dominated tree canopy becomes part of the interior and generously extends the small space to the outside.

Steven Holl London, United Kingdom, Two room types The realized building consists of the simple stacking of two — diametrically opposed — concepts of space. Not that this project is all about looks; the building was designed according to passive house standards, making the scheme a particularly low energy one.

Accordingly, very few alternatives to standard solutions are being produced ateier, by becoming showcases, could act as catalysts to break out of the recent stasis.


In a display of the atelir of city life a vital and optimistic image emerges, striking up intensive communication with the neighbourhood. All technical installations, such as ventilation outlets, extractors, safety technology, fire dampers, and so forth, are integrated as carefully as possible into the walls and ceilings so that a monolithic character is created for the surfaces here as well.

In this case, urban renewal means, above all, radically demolishing large-scale, honeycombed housing blocks and replacing them with differentiated, smallscale block development and terraced housing.

The building is therefore organized along the property boundaries, which results in a programmatic ring in terms of layout. Its desired, very neutral appearance is offset by its generous ceiling height and two skylights that illuminated the space naturally. Textiles Parking systems Floor Ke,pe. Through kemle participation in over one hundred and twenty international competitions, the office has acquired commissions in the Austria, Belgium, Egypt, France, Germany, Morocco, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

A maximum of spatial richness is possible with a minimum of means.

HipHouse Zwolle

Please keep me up to date with special offers and news just by email from carefully selected companies. Oliver Thill has given more than one hundred public lectures worldwide. Your personal details will not be shared with those companies – we send the emails and you can unsubscribe at any time. He is a founding partner of the Rotterdam based firm Atelier Kempe Thill, which he directs together with Oliver Thill since As an added bonus, the building was designed according to passive house standards, making the scheme a particularly low energy one.

Every unit features outside space that can be closed off on the cold and windy Antwerp winter days, without taking away from the sense of space and openness the winter gardens offer.

The smaller studio apartments either face east or west, guaranteeing optimum sunlight for all apartments. The room kemoe deliberately kept modest with whitish colours in order to maximize the effect of the skylights on the interior.