The Asus Eee T91 is a touchscreen netbook from the Asus Eee PC range. It is similar in specification to other netbooks, but features an ” rotatable. Since similar tablets cost at least twice the price, what makes the new ASUS Eee PC T91 so special? I spent a week putting the T91 through its. В Eee PC T91 впервые используется поворотный сенсорный экран с диагональю 8,9 дюйма, а набор прилагаемого программного обеспечения.

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Please share our t1, every link counts! However, we said largely the same thing about 7-inch displays when the first 9-inch Netbooks hit the market. The score for 3D business and gaming performance is not much better at 2.

Double tapping the widgets will allow you to add them to the desktop, and you can 9t1 them around the screen. This shows up on the computer as an additional hard drive as opposed to a removable drive and so functions as an extension to the hard drive space.

Lighter and slimmer than inch netbooks, it also didn’t weigh down our shoulder; alone, the netbook weighs a mere 2. That said, it is surprisingly easy to type on this one. When launched, an animated clouded background appears, along with a dock of Yahoo’s widgets along the bottom of the screen. This is well put togetherand made out of a thick and incredibly soft material.

We decided on the white variety for the purposes of this review. The T91 MT is currently available in two colours: Fortunately Asus has not gone for the dimpled touchpad surface that it adus used previously, for example on the Eee PC HAwhich is unpleasant to use for long periods.

While much of the pre-installed software is wholly unnecessary, we would like to describe a few significant and interesting examples. Power socket and USB 2.

Though the drive boots Windows XP in a speedy 45 seconds, it’s very sluggish when it comes to just about everything else. The problem is, all these tweaks are too subtle to really register. The act of swiveling the screen into tablet formation is smooth and without any feeling of instability. R91 around the web. Below are images indicating the temperature readings listed in degrees Fahrenheit taken inside our office where the ambient temperature was 74 degrees Fahrenheit.


ASUS Eee PC T91 review

Before you get down to using any of the numerous functions of the T91 MT, you should take the time to watch some of its numerous tutorials. But on the whole it is easy to get used to the slightly altered layout.

It is actually an onboard graphics chip without its own memory; it does support DirectX Review Ever since it introduced the netbook concept two year ago, ASUS has usually been the first manufacturer to experiment with innovative designs.

The touchscreen accuracy seems good, though our review unit required recalibration after it arrived since the touchscreen was showing activity about a half inch to the right of where we touched the screen. The handwriting recognition also works very well for the most part, with only the odd exception here and there.

The writing pad recognises text as it is written, converting it so that it can be entered in text fields, address bars and so on. The keyboard which is a necessity in Internet Explorer is good enough for short text entries, but longer ones can be annoying. A real card reader can be found on the front of the notebook.

ASUS Eee PC T91 review

Also, the battery on the T91 is integrated with the netbook, and it cannot be removed or replaced with an extended battery option. The T91 also has an expandable stylus housed under the right bottom side of the chasis. Pros Very slimNice, responsive keyboardDecent pre-loaded software. In terms of design, the T91 MT is unobtrusive, with just a few silver elements providing the occasional pleasant accent. The speakers lack any real bass, but the range of highs and midtones are fine.

ASUS Eee PC T91 Review

The Eee PC T91 has a rotating display that can be spun degrees and folded down, akin to what you’d see in something like the HP TouchSmart TX2and its screen reacts to your finger or an included nonactive stylus. This screen holds five large app icons, meant for easy tapping with a finger or stylus.


If you have asue than delicate fingers or are trying to type very quickly you will often hit the wrong key. We’ve spent the last few days giving it the once over, to see how this netbook — which is a true departure for ASUS — stacks up. To mark the occasion, quite a few US publications posted their reviews today.

ASUS Eee PC T91 – описание, характеристики, тест, отзывы, цены, фото

The keyboard only flexes a little under heavy pressure. The optional custom touch interface, with big, easy to grab icons, works well–even if it’s not as slick g91 responsive as the touch interface on, for example, an iPhone. Graphics processing is handled by Intel’s low-performance Graphics Media Accelerator The glossy screen offers asjs color and contrast, but glare and reflections indoors under strong lights or outdoors under direct sunlight can be a problem.

Intel’s energy-efficient Atom processor delivers long battery life.

While it’s not perfect aus perfect product, the touch-screen interface gives you another way to launch applications and even to write notes. Continue to next page 01 We show the least amount of ads whenever possible. In much the same way that the Apple OS X dock or ObjectDock from Stardock software allow you to use quick shortcuts to utilities and applications, the Eee Docking software provides an easy way to asue utilities, software and digital content.

Normal hard drives mostly lie in the region of asuss The combination of Windows 7, low-performance components and the bloated installation around 60 programs, many of which run automatically upon start-up is simply too much for this tablet. It weighs in at two pounds with its lithium polymer battery, and, at just an inch thick — is very, very slim.