In this book, Touching — the Human Significance of the Skin, Ashley Montagu relates how Larry Rhine raised an orphaned kitten. Everyone knows that kittens. A passionate and committed plea for good touch using evidence based results Ashley Montagu was an anthropologist, who amongst other. TOUCHING THE HUMAN SIGNIFICANCE OF THE SKIN SECOND EDITION. by ASHLEY MONTAGU Copyrightowner ASHLEY MONTAGU.

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They became mothers in spite of them selves. As we shall see, the parallel with such interrelated behaviors in humans is virtually complete, and the signifi cance of these behaviors is virtually identical. Rosenblatt inquired into this matter experimentally. In caesarian-delivered infants the amount of sugar produced in response to this glucagon factor was much less than vaginally delivered infants, in the absence of labor.

Collias showed that, in goats and sheep, mothers establish the identity of their own young immediately after birth, largely by contact, and thereafter vigorously repel any alien young ashhley may approach them. Ham- mett, of the Wistar Institute of Anatomy in Philadelphia. This qshley was high-strung, exhibited fear, and bit those who tried to hold them.

Such persons are in jeopardy ttouching their lives.

Ashley Montagu – Touching: The Human Significance of the Skin | Lady Fancifull

The attention span is short; such children are inclined to be highly emotional, jumpy, anxious, and usually shy. Hence, the survival of the fetus and the mother requires the termination of gestation within the womb when the limit of head size compatible with birth has been attained, and long before maturation occurs.

In a series of experi ments Alexander and Williams found that it was the combina tion of the two factors, the licking and the directional orienta tion that is, the standing of the ewe facing the kid that significantly facilitated the progress of the kid toward successful sucking. It is only half-completed. Experimental factors relating to the maternal behavior probably embrace the mother’s entire experi ence.

Harlow goes so far as to suggest that the primary purpose of nursing is to ensure frequent body contact between infant and mother. Maier found that when broody hens are pre vented from having physical contact with their chicks, even though all ash,ey visual clues are left intact, and they are situated toudhing adjacent cages, the hens’ broody response toucjing disappears.


There were innumerable unanswered questions, principally involving the mechanism, the physiology, by which handling or gentling could produce such significant differences in organismal and behavioral responses as Hammett had re corded.

The Mind of the Skin tokching regarded as centrifugal; that is, it proceeds from the mind out wards to the integument. Primarily we are concerned to discover: We were not surprised [writes Harlow], to discover that con tact comfort was an important basic afFectional or love variable, but we did not expect it to overshadow so completely the vari able of nursing; indeed, the disparity is so ash,ey as to suggest that jontagu primary function of nursing as an affectional variable is that of insuring frequent and intimate body contact of the infant with the mother.

In attempting to follow up this observation I monttagu to say I could obtain no further information of any kind on the subject, but, like the zoologist friend of Mr. The majority of the infants had mothers who had failed to give them an adequate amount of cutaneous contact. The lion, for example, which generally has a litter of three cubs, has a gestation period of days.

It is known that after the birth of the infant or litter, suckling and other stimulation of the genito-abdominal regions of the body serve to maintain lacta tion and cause the growth of the structures of the breast and mammary glands. On pages 86 and 87 Montagu relays the story about Frederick the Great who wished to discover what language a child would speak naturally if it were not taught its native tongue.

Quite fascinating is an observation made by Mr. But these are all superficial ways of looking at the skin.

I fell in love with asgley book. The effect of a sudden cold shower upon respiration is well-known, and is indicative of a similar series of events.


Here it is probable that her own early experiences are of special importance, xshley well as her relationships with each indi vidual infant she bears, and her cumulative experiences gained from raising successive infants.

Aug 01, Allison rated it liked it. The infants were always free to leave the heating pad or cage floor to contact either mother, and the time spent on the surrogate mothers was auto matically recorded.

Excellent book that covers the skin as sensory organ. Human immaturity in infancy, therefore, may be regarded as an extension of the basic infant immaturity characteristic of all anthropoid forms, char acteristic, that is, of the great apes and probably earlier forms of humankind.


Montagu studied psychology and anthropology at the University of London and the University of Florence. They also think that tactile stimuli may be operative, as well as thermal ones, the presence of additional littermates and mothers serving to insulate the pups so that more metabolic energy could be devoted to growth. Sincewhen O’Donovan’s book was published, con siderable progress has been made, much of it admirably set out in Maximillian Obermayer’s book, Psychocutaneous Medicine.

Since, apart from the Wistar Institute observations by Hammett and his colleagues, there was literally nothing in print that could throw any light on such questions, I began to make inquiries among animal breeders, among people who had been raised on farms, veterinarians, husbandrymen, and the staff’s of zoos the results were illuminating.

A passionate and committed plea for good touch using evidence based results.

In the emergency cesareans the mortality rate is 19 The Womb of Time 53 percent higher than in vaginal deliveries. This insurance in the human species is secured by the prolonged contractions of the uterus upon the body of the fetus. The feedback from skin to brain, even in sleep, is continu ous.