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SAA AS PARKING FACILITIES PART 2: OFF-STREET COMMERCIAL VEHICLE FACILITIES. Description. Specifies minimum requirements for the layout of off-street facilities for the loading and unloading of commercial vehicles, including design. AS Parking facilities – Off-street commercial vehicle facilities. View on Information Provider website {{ linkText }}. Abbreviation. AS

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Cinemas 1 bay p er cinema c omplex Nil d. Warehousing and distribution activities. There are no international relationships for this committee. Number of 99 percentile vehicle bays to be provided. Specifies minimum requirements for the provision of off-street parking facilities for people with disabilities.

Australian Standards for Parking Set | Home Modification Information Clearinghouse

For sites with activities, listed under Rule 7. Below is the list of current Standards developed and published by Standards Australia. Parking facilities – Off-street commercial vehicle facilities.

Specifies a set of minimum requirements for the layout, design and security of bicycle parking facilities for planners and service providers. Parking facilities – Off-street parking for people with disabilities. Service stations 1 unmarked bay for fuel deliveries Nil aa. The objective of this Standard is to set out minimum requirements and recommendations for the provision of off-street parking, loading and manoeuvre areas for seven representative commercial vehicles classified according to limiting dimension and minimum turning circle.


Parking facilities – On-street parking. Utilities that have no permanent staff Nil Nil ax. Terms of Reference is subject to change.

Australian Standard 2890: Parking Facilities: As 2890.2-1989 Commercial Vehicle Facilities

Parking Facilities Part 3: Food and beverage outlets. Utilities that have no permanent staff. Other aa activities or commercial servicesif not specified above. Sports courts for public, or private use Nil Nil g.

Small rigid vehicle 3. Minimum dimensions if loading space is parallel to the access to the loading space metres. Where the calculation of the required loading space results in a fractional space, any fraction that is less than one-half will be disregarded and any fraction of one-half or more will be counted as one space.

With or more students: A copy of the appropriate legal instrument shall be provided to Council for its records. Use of an off-street loading facility on a separate site by an activity must be protected for the use of that activity and any future activity on the site by 8290.2 appropriate legal instrument. aw

A heavy vehicle bay shall comply with one of the following vehicle sizes in Table 7. Public transport interchanges Nil Nil s. Off street commercial vehicle facilities, AS Associated manoeuvring area s shall be designed to accommodate the minimum turning area shown in: The total loading space requirement for any activity will be the sum of the loading space requirements for each area.


This is a list of projects currently being worked on by Standards Australia’s Standards Development Team. Full time equivalent student numbers for Tertiary Education and Research Activities shall be assessed annually as of 1 July, and shall be rounded to the nearest FTE students, if there are more than FTE Students at the activity in total. Schools and preschools With or more students: Medium rigid vehicle 3. The constitution of a Technical Committee consists of the Nominating Organisations that represent various interest groups across the industries.

Off-street commercial vehicle facilities. Please note compliance with AS Any additional loading spaces required shall be provided within 12 months of the date of assessment.

O ther industrial activitiesif not specified above, high technology industrial activities and heavy industrial activities.