Toshiba Medical Systems introduced the Aquilion Prime CT scanner, the latest member of the CT family Volume CT Aquilion ONE. Equipped. Aquilion PRIME: An detector row CT system that can generate unique slices per rotation and features a MHU large-capacity tube and second. December 13, — Toshiba Medical, a Canon Group company, introduced its new Aquilion Prime SP computed tomography (CT) system at the

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CDTI WCT dose index weighted the average absorbed dose across the field of view in a standard phantom ; kV, kilovolt; kW; kilowatt; mA, milliamp; mGy, milligray; mm, millimetre; ms, millisecond. One specialist commentator said that the arrhythmia detection employed by the Aquilion PRIME, including SURE Cardio software, is useful for people with ectopic beats extra heartbeats but aquilioh not address the difficulties of scanning people with atrial fibrillation.

The recently updated guidelines from the According to the aquipion, the Aquilion PRIME includes the following software and capabilities, which are claimed to improve cardiac CT scanning in people in whom imaging is difficult:. The recently updated guidelines from the It has advantages over previous generation scanners in its ability to scan people with obesity, better image quality and a significant reduction in radiation doses with the advanced prie reconstruction. The commentator believed that the SURE kV software had the potential to automatically standardise 1 of the imaging parameters based on patient size.

Providing the best care to all of your patients should be simple. GE Healthcare recently announced new applications and smart devices built on Edison — a platform that helps accelerate Boost Department Efficiency Adaptive Diagnostic features that improve accuracy and workflow.


December 10, — Korean image software company Coreline Soft Co. One specialist commentator noted that the NICE clinical guideline on the assessment and diagnosis of chest pain of recent onset was under review at the time they provided their comments, and that the NICE diagnostics guidance on new generation cardiac CT scanners is out of date because several of the models from the guidance have been superseded and are no longer available.

This briefing describes the regulated use of the technology for the indication specified, in the setting described, and with any other specific equipment referred to. Setting and intended use The Aquilion PRIME is intended for use in secondary care settings, specifically by staff with expertise in conducting and interpreting cardiac CT imaging.

Toshiba Medical Introduces Aquilion Prime SP CT System at RSNA | Imaging Technology News

Imaging with no compromise for every patient, every time. The scanner may also be used to perform Awuilion in people with stable angina whose symptoms are not satisfactorily controlled with medical treatment.

Canon Medical Systems’ unique Tech Assist Lateral table movement helps technologists in positioning and moving patients. Two pirme commentators noted that there are currently more advanced scanners on the market that can address clinical challenges for all subgroups of people who are difficult to image.

One specialist commentator stated that the Aquilion PRIME does not have specific features that address the problems posed by people with high coronary calcium. This may be beneficial for people with high heart rates or arrhythmia.

This is beneficial for people with high heart rates or arrhythmia. Disability is a protected characteristic defined in the Equality Act A radiographer would carry out the scan and a radiologist or cardiologist would interpret the results. Technology Artificial Intelligence December 05, The system also features a cm aperture gantry and a pound patient-weight-capacity couch, making it an ideal solution for use in emergency scanning or bariatric patient studies, according to Toshiba.

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Toshiba Showcases Aquilion ONE, Aquilion PRIME and Aquilion RXL

Next Technology overview About the technology Costs and use of the technology Likely place in therapy Specialist commentator comments Equality considerations. Enhanced Workflow Image more patients and do it faster. Augmented Reality for Surgical Planning Example. Digital Radiography Technology Report: Technology Contrast Media Injectors December 05, December 10, — Korean image software company Coreline Soft Co.

December 10, — Korean image software company Coreline Soft Co.

Adaptable CT Technology Offered in Toshiba’s New Aquilion Prime

News Stroke November 30, In producing guidance, NICE aims to comply fully with all legal obligations to: Aquilion Prime SP features enhanced workflow capabilities and premium imaging technology for every patient.

News Lung Cancer December 10, Augmented Reality for Surgical Planning Example.

Another commentator noted prme the automated software tends to use higher kV in people with larger body masses. The small footprint of the Aquilion PRIME allows installation in tight rooms, maximizing existing layouts and workspace. News Artificial Intelligence December 06,