One exception is the Gelastocoridae, which are riparian and possess short antennae. The truly Most aquatic and semiaquatic Hemiptera are predatory. Hemiptera, Gelastocoridae, Nerthra, China. Introduction. Toad bugs ( Gelastocoridae) are a remarkable group of aquatic bugs (Nepomorpha). which are derived. Key to California semiaquatic and aquatic Hemiptera based on habitats and habits of the Nepomor- pha. suggested that the Ochteridae and Gelastocoridae.

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Journal of the Asiatic Society Bengal 57 Harcourt Brace College Publishers. XML Treatment for Nerthra macrothorax. Figs 1A, B ; 2A—G. Suborder Heteroptera with Coleorrhyncha. Enticocephalomorpha, Dipsocoromorpha, Nepomorpha, Gerromorpha and Leptopodomorpha.

Biodiversity of the Heteroptera Henry T. Abdominal V-IV sternites of male mostly asymmetrical, ninth sternite rather oval, wider than long, not as long as eighth sternite; seventh sternite sternite about half as long as eighth sternite; fifth sternite very short medially Fig. Apart from the no doubt considerable physical protection that the armour affords them, the layer of sand renders them effectively invisible on the ground unless they move at the wrong moment.

Anales Instituto Patagonia Aukema B, Rieger Ch. Articles with ‘species’ microformats.

Key to genera adapted from 3 Fore leg with two claws, the tarsus well separated from the tibia; profemora not broadly triangular; pronotum at base of head as wide as eyes Mononyx projectus Distant, Gelastocoridae in Myanmar amber. Tijdschrift voor Entomologie Ventral surface and the apex of the fore, middle, and hind legs dark brown. Suborder Sternorrhyncha Aleyrodoidea Aleyrodidae whiteflies. Aenictopecheidae Enicocephalidae unique-headed bugs, gnat bugs.

  IEC 317-0-1 PDF

Hydrometridae marsh treaders or water measurers Macroveliidae Paraphrynoveliidae. Introduction Toad bugs Gelastocoridae are a remarkable group of aquatic bugs Nepomorpha which are derived from aquatic ancestors zquatic have become secondarily terrestrial Hebsgaard et al. Enicocephaloidea Aenictopecheidae Enicocephalidae unique-headed bugs, gnat bugs.

Field Guide to Insects of South Africa. Figs 1C, D ; 3A—G. Ceratocombidae Dipsocoridae Hypsipterygidae Schizopteridae Stemmocryptidae.

Scutellum elevated, tumescent laterally and at apex, with curved ridge paralleling sinuosity of posterior margin of pronotum. Aphrophoridae Cercopidae Clastopteridae Epipygidae Machaerotidae. XML Treatment for Nerthra macrothorax: Hebridae velvet water bugs. Deutsche Entomologische Zeitschrift N. Their antennae are hidden. The Gelastocoridae toad bugs is a family of about species of insects in the suborder Heteroptera.

Infraorder Nepomorpha, families Ochteridae and Gelastocoridae. Eds Advances in Heteroptera research. Very little is known about the biology of Australian Nerthra species. Dedicated naturalists volunteer their time and resources here to provide this service. Lingnan Science Journal 20 1: Gerroidea Gerridae water striders Hermatobatidae Veliidae riffle bugs.


Scutellum elevated, apex slightly lobed, with tumescences at the middle of the lateral margins. This species differs from N. The Nerthrinae includes one fossil genus, Cratonerthra Martins-Neto, with two species Ruf et al. Body middle sized for the genus.

Family Gelastocoridae – Toad Bugs –

Nova Guinea, New Series Open in a separate window. Toad bugs Gelastocoridae are a remarkable group of aquatic bugs Nepomorpha which are derived from aquatic ancestors and have become secondarily terrestrial Hebsgaard et al.

Lobes of ovipositor slightly projecting posteriorly; posterior margin of last visible abdominal sternite triangularly emarginate Fig. Material and methods The male genitalia were examined in glycerol and illustrated using a Zeiss Discovery V8 microscope. Heemiptera Insects of Samoa and other Samoan terrestrial Arthropoda. Zoological Survey of India.

Family Gelastocoridae – Toad Bugs

Naucoridae creeping water bugs. It is divided into two subfamilies, Gelastocorinae and Nerthrinae.

Records of the Zoological Survey of India 96 Toad bugs are opportunistic predators and scavengers feeding on a variety of small aquatic and semi-aquatic insects.

The holotype is gelastoccoridae female from China: Bugguide is hosted by: