Aquamist Manuals HFS-6 HFS-5 HFS-4 HFS-3 HFS-2 HFS-1 MF2 DDS3. As water injection is playing a more and more important role in power tuning, there is more need to have a “fail-safe” mechanism in place to detect the presence. Aquamist HFS3 – UPDATE installation completed w. picts . marketed the Aquamist 1s system with Volvo specific instructions and people were.

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While many of gfs-3 competitors’ kits use parts commonly found at local hardware stores, Devilsown designs each component to work specifically with each of their methanol kits to provide long-term reliability.

It would be much harder to tap into aqquamist wires right under the ECU and it would be on the opposite side of the engine bay which would require longer wiring as well. My first question is: Planning to run it with 2 nozzles, 1 x 0.

But since I have a flash, I can’t see the point of the failsafe yet unless I will find a solution to dump the wastegate solenoids in case of a flow problem. Currently, aquamist is the only company that uses a PWM-valve delivery method.

Methanol is an alcohol compound comprised of one carbon atom, one oxygen atom, and four hydrogen atoms CH3OH and is also referred to as wood alcohol, carbinic acid, and methyl alcohol. Also the dual nozzle adapter hose looks to be stressed on one of them and that might be a leaking issue there in the future A general rule of thumb is that majual engine will output one percent more horsepower for every 10 degrees intake temperature is decreased.

I also aquanist the idea of the regulated flow from this system, its the only way to do water injection the right way. Stealthy, your point is noted, and I appreciate the heads up.


Aquamist HFS4 Methanol Injection for BMW Direct Injection Engines

E82 i Join Date: I did not tap the injector wires, but ordered some pins from the dealer and used those and some wires instead. Originally Posted by AcExSpades. I have done some good research on different products and have found units that are just as good if not better featured than aquamist.

My electronic boost gauge also uses a shielded wire set to protect the voltage signal from its own v signal generator. Since the flow is variable you can use a bigger jet and have it the system start pumping at low volumes much sooner to get the increased octane from the Meth and the increased heat absorption from the water much sooner. This looks like it will be awesome.

Find More Posts by tscdennab. Ellicott City, MD iTrader: How hard is the install? Hmm, I dislike the idea of tapping into Aquamisf or sensor wires, there’s nothing worse than compromising the signal values of critical sensors or driver circuits.

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You get to size the jet for max boost. Can you provide some instructions how to wire up the fuel injector and map sensor lines into the ECU? Yeah, not really a hard ass, but I wouldn’t use stop leak in anything either. I just wanted to let people know that this kind of work needs to be done right because there are pitfalls if manul not.

Originally Posted by cnic. There is extra space in there Find More Posts by cnic. Last edited by blot; at I suppose then, I should rethink my plan to just stick everyting onto the fender well using a big ol’ magnet instead of actually mounting it huh?


If I did the calc right that is ft lb of torque to go with his HP crank numbers. I saw your fuel injector size and just checked out the mod and dyno page from your profile This is basic instrumentation I’m discussing here and I’m sure the volvo engineers did their due diligence to get all this right. I just want to let people know it shouldn’t be done with just a auamist scotch locks and wires running just anywhere around the engine compartment, that’s all.

Yet to take some pics for the installation. The tank was installed on the battery side, and the pump was installed beneath the trunk floor, making the install a very clean one. What’s interesting is that the throttle response seems improved. Originally Posted by Syndicategt. Fixed magnetic fields and non moving wires are fine, but its magnetic flux across the wires will generate signals that could cause issues.

We arn’t talking about tapping into a high current 12v buss to run an accessory, we are talking about tapping into low voltage and current signal circuits which makes them easy to mess up. Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements.

Aquamist HFS4 Methanol Injection for BMW Direct Injection Engines

Do you know what jet you will use? I’ll post those up when I have the time. Find More Posts by Eliei. Originally Posted by marv