“In Stitches” by Dr. Anthony Youn is an award-winning, best-selling memoir about medical school. Rated a ‘must-read’ for anyone interested in medicine. In Stitches has been chosen as a Michigan Notable Book! Publisher’s Weekly: In his first book Youn looks back from the cushy perspective of the plastic . Scrubs meets David Sedaris in this hilarious fish-out-of- water memoir about a young Korean-American nerd turned renowned plastic surgeon. Tony Youn grew .

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This is what he wrote, “Doctors need to be detached, right? The common denominator for me was his geekiness, awkwardness, and his constant quest to get a girl.

Tony Youn grew up one of two Asian-American kids in a small town where diversity was uncommon. Youn makes it explicit that his Asian background and cultural heritage account largely for his feelings of being an outsider in a majority caucasian world.

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In Stitches by Dr. Anthony Youn – humorous med school memoir

I was really impressed that his path to becoming a plastic surgeon was built upon his own triumph of having surgery to correct his jaw which did not stop growing and caused a massive underbite. Youn, for most of the book, is just an unlikeable guy. His characterization of women throughout is sophomoric. In this book, I actually see a lot of myself in him. In return for my services, I receive a copyor several copiesof said tome, and the satisfaction of thinkingand writinglike a critic.


Nurse Keith’s Digital Doorway: In Stitches: A Memoir by Anthony Youn, MD

Reviews for Anthonu Stitches. A book about overcoming childhood disfigurement and battling through medical school to become a prominent surgeon could have been so much more than a breezy recounting of some fairly humorous stories and ironically enough frat boy antics.

It’s hard to be entertaining and informative but Anthony Youn does. I also love how he addresses the tensions of being a second generation I think?

In Stitches: A Memoir

Another reviewer described his descriptions of women to be caricatures, and that’s dead on. Youn as he describes his medical school training. Tony’s voice is fresh and hilarious.

Apr 27, Heather rated it liked it. One of the reasons that I liked the book was because it was a light read and I finished in a couple days by reading several hours a day.

I learned some things about Med School, too. This is also much more than a book about med school. I have read lots of so-called humor books that lack substance; the writer tried too hard to be funny.

Youn could have taken the road less traveled, sharing tea and sympathy with other outcasts and societal rejects, but instead he takes the easy way out and utilizes cliche and occasional self-deprecation as a tool to elicit sympathy for himself while simultaneously attempting to elicit loathing by the reader for those less handsome, less rich, less successful than he wanted to be and eventually became. There have been a few books that I’ve decided to not review after having read them since I don’t want to hurt the author’s feelings, and there are several that have been equally a pleasure to read and to write about.


This may have been because he was bitter about not getting any action, but the implications of his discussions about dating unattractive women in an effort to have sex just rubbed me the wrong way and made me feel a bit indisposed towards him.

Scrubs meets David Sedaris in this hilarious fish-out-of-water memoir about a young Korean-American nerd turned renowned plastic surgeon. I’m not sure if this is because the author is a good writer, but I’m really hyped for medical school. It is a disorienting experience for Tony.

Tony, what drove you to write In Stitches? Want to Read saving…. What is more personal than our face?

Perryauthor of The Real Life of a Surgeon. However, the book evolved and so did Tony thank goodness. A Conversation with Author Dr.

Little kids, little dollah! The satisfaction of making amthony change in a patient’s life is what got Tony addicted to his career in plastic surgery. Now he has to deal with breasts?