Ante Ciliga – pronounced “Tsiliga” – became famous to the point of becoming the emblem of the opposition to Stalinism and to “the Bolshevik system” of state. ANTE CILIGA. It is with an extreme discretion that the French press (Le Monde, October 28, ), announced, in some poor lines, the death of Ante Ciliga. The file was just too big and I can’t seem to compress it without losing quality, so I posted it on : The Russian Enigma – Ante Ciliga.

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The war with Italy involved his evacuation in Moravia, where he finished his studies at the college of Brno, in Diliga language! The file was just too big and I can’t seem to compress it without losing quality, so I posted it on mega.

Ciliga, Ante

Dingelstedt all were shot in camps, in particular in Vorkhuta. This forecast, one knows it now, – except for details, since the extension of the conflict to Balkans does not make that to start – was fully checked in the slaughters perpetuated in the name of the Serb, Croatian nation, etc. The conclusion was a rejection of the Trotskyism as a left current of Stalinism: Stalin therefore had him i jailed briefly in Leningrad, and afterward, inhe was sent to the Siberian concentration camps, where was released in after the Stalin-Mussolini agreement, as he had Italian citizenship.

Au Pays … was published in If there is a statement that is appropriate as an obituary for Ante Ciliga, it is that of his friend Ivo Vucicevic: This position of calling to the “united front” showed, on the contrary, an increasingly clear distance of the positions of the Communist Left, of which one of the characteristics was the rejection of any “united front”.

Obliged to return clandestinely to Croatia, for a true suicidal mission, he was assassinated at once in April At the end of the congress his supporters constituted themselves in an autonomous left faction that soon became the base of the Croatian section of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia, coming together in finished form in the first half of Ciliga suggested a committee which would defend the “Bolshevik-Leninists as well as the imprisoned Socialist-Revolutionaries and Mensheviks”.

Au Pays … translated into English and published as The Russian Enigmacannot be capsulized; it must be read in full to absorb its full significance. But, according to him, “the take-over by force of November 7 ” left it filled of doubts.

Having formally excluded the right-wing tendencies, the CPY had adhered to the Communist International Comintern during the congress of Vukovar in June What after the repression znte the Haft Tapeh workers and the steelworkers in Ahvaz? Although having “a place of honour in the heart of the workers and the Pantheon of the history “, he had become the spokesman of the Soviet bureaucracy “, by liquidating socialism in annte economic field.



Like all the other newspapers, it was controlled by the new Ustasha power. At the beginning of the Croatian Social Democrats held a congress in Zagreb at which Ciliga was ate most radical exponent of the left. Arkadij Maslov was pessimistic on the German proletariat, reached “provincialism “.

In the final analysis, all the hidden life of Ciliga, that of the underground of the Croatian emigration, was diliga of a Croatian patriot, marked by a whole policy “frontist”, having broken in practice with its old communist convictions and internationalists. There were also two Russians: Ciliga was the instigator of this policy, as a secretary of the party for Croatia and director atne Borba. War and Revolution in Yugoslavia, — One could therefore, I felt, be progressive on one level and reactionary on another.

Indeed, a series of such incidents had occurred, beginning in Bulgaria in and repeated in Poland, China, and other places.

Before the war, the path of Ciliga was going to be contradictory. Nevertheless, Ciligw, who had been with the extreme Left of the Trotskyism, to join finally in with certain positions of the Russian Communist Left Workers Group, Decists moved away from there to approach gradually social-democrat positions.

Ciliga left Croatia almost immediately, intending to go to France to continue his education; but he got no further than Vienna, when he decided to go to Hungary where the Red revolution of Bela Kun was in full swing. In addition in occurred – what in a typical way Ciliga names “Croatian spring” – demonstrations in Zagreb, with Ci,iga flags and slogans. Owner of Ante Ciliga Collection.

Thanks to these interventions in high place, Ciliga was released on January first, of the camp. Stanko Dragic, the true person in charge qnte the group, old member of the central committee of the CPY; Mustafa Dedic, former secretary of the trade-union committee of Herzegovina; Stepan Heberling, coming from Vojvodina; finally Ante Ciliga.

In addition, in summerwith ciliha unloading in Normandy, Pavelic realised the place of the unloading would not be any more in Dalmatian. Belgrade wanted and still wants ciliva equality with Moscow: The left-wing fraction had formerly recommended exploiting the problem of nationalities in the interests of the ciligga.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. But since he started contacts with the Russian Trotskyist Opposition 29whose influence within the frameworks of the party grew day after day. There were 3 or 4 Decist fractions. In the Struggle for freedomNew York, The result was a ferocious and pitiless terror: On this last point, the testimony of Ciliga seems not very reliable and to even reveal anti-Semite feelings.

He wrote that one cliga reason for the rise of Joseph Stalin was that many Soviet politicians, even committed communists, believed that the Soviet Union consists of backward, Asiatic peoples who need a dictatorship. They decided to militate in the “collective of the Bolshevik-Leninists” of the insulator. But Stalinism is still very strong among the European intelligentsia and his chapter on Lenin was mutilated.

It was already enormous; and the party was tiny room for a few hundreds of members. Spain, Italy, Russia, and the Balkan countries. Returned from Russia, where he was since as prisoner, then fighter of the Red Army, arrived at the end of Josip Broz, who was going to begin one fulgurating rise in the Party, like man abte Bukharin, untilthen after his arrest this same year, of Stalin.

For this reason, his relationship with the Trotskyists was destined to end quickly. At the time of the rout ofRuth Fischer and Maslov succeeded in leaving France for ci,iga American continent.

Refugee in Italy, the Ustasha chief – with cliga help of Mussolini, after “giving” Dalmatia to the Duce – could return to Zagreb on April 15 with his henchmen.

Ante Ciliga – Wikipedia

Finally, he insisted that Macedonia, also, could not be surrendered to Serbian imperialism. As “left” communist between andclassified as Left Trotskyist and close to anarchism, Ciliga symbolises all the hesitations of militants of Central and Eastern Europe who became revolutionaries shortly after the First World War, while seeking – consciously or unconsciously – a national “identity”. The book of Milovan Bosic, already quoted, mentions p. The major reason was that the Croatian Bourgeoisie was extremely dissatisfied with the federal State: That occurred in full “third period” of the Comintern, period of calculated adventurism, where the armed insurrection was prepared at each street corner As of this time, Ciliga – but is it the effect of stand back, more than 60 years afterwards?