In the first book of the series, Anne Rice (author of Beauty’s Kingdom), writing as A.N. Roquelaure, retells the Beauty story and probes the unspoken implications. The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty: A Novel (A Sleeping Beauty Novel) [Anne Rice , A. N. Roquelaure] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Claiming Of Sleeping Beauty: Number 1 in series [A. N. Roquelaure] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Step beyond the wall of your .

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REVIEW: The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty by Anne Rice

I’m not a prude, not real squeamish when it comes to sex, and have no problem with consensual BDSM. We’re told of emotions, but I could never actually comprehend them in the given situations. But no one is to touch her. However I’ll still read the next one. It was so ridiculous. I think I’m going to have to suck up the price and buy ecopies of book 2 and 3 also.

The Complete Vampire Companion: I kept pretending o forget it every time. In the final volume of Anne Rice’s deliciously tantalizing erotic trilogy, Beauty’s adventures on the dark side of sexuality make her the bound captive of an Eastern Sultan and a prisoner in the exotic confines of the harem. You’re so exquisitely beautiful! Sleeping Beauty was my first erotic novel. Sep 07, Tal Goretsky rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: She kind of remind me of Judith McNaught novels with added dark side and erotica claming on it.


I’m not a fan of pure erotica and I’m no expert in BDSM, so it was pretty much obvious from the start that I wouldn’t enjoy this read. This is not the result of neglect – she deliberately sends him to people she knows will brutally, serially rape him.

From bestselling author Anne Rice, writing as A. Quotes from The Claiming of S Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

The Sleeping Beauty Quartet – Wikipedia

You are commenting using your Facebook account. One positive thing I can say about this book is that Ms. And also the writing was superb and I really like Anne Rice’s choice of words. I did not heed their warnings because I was too curious.

I loved how the slaves were not mindless vessels but all had their own inner power or that thing that set them apart. By claiming her if you’re thinking he claims her as his princess and they ride away to the sunset,you are very wrong. Even princes and princesses were considered as a.n.roquwlaure slaves.

The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty by A. N. Roquelaure, Anne Rice | : Books

They can look all they like,but you stand guard and see that no one touches her. I have thought of writing some new erotica, and I must confess I imagined using a bewuty pen name for it. But I did want to make it clear why I gave up on this book. Then he turned into a complete jerk, but Bezuty still had a little hope for him because he has set Beauty apart.

In this castle they spend several years learning to become obedient and submissive sexual property, accepting being spanked and forced to have sex with nobles and slaves of dlaiming sexes, being publicly displayed and humiliated, and crawling around on their hands and knees like animals veauty they return to their own lands “being enhanced in wisdom.


BDSM is an acquired taste and if you’re not really into it, you’ll find the book repulsive.

It describes the pain, horror and fear these boys and girls experience at the hands and tools of their masters, after having been thrust into this world of sexual sadism without an explanation and being simply expected to obey, in all things, no matter how abusive and humiliating those things are.

Anyway, despite the rape and all the nakedness Beauty had to endure, I had continued hoping that Anne Rice could offer me something sweeter. And, fearless as before, he went in search a.n.roquelarue the Sleeping Beauty who must be at the core of it. For me, this book sucked in a big way!

But it’s been x.n.roquelaure since I’ve read it, and remembering it still makes me shudder.

Well, the same holds true now obviously for erotica. Nowhere did I feel the urge to laugh!!

Why in the world do people LIKE this book?