Angle of Repose (Contemporary American Fiction) [Wallace Stegner] on Amazon .com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Wallace Stegner’s Pultizer. An American masterpiece and iconic novel of the West by National Book Award and Pulitzer Prize winner Wallace Stegner—a deeply moving narrative of one. Angle of Repose [Wallace Stegner] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Stegner’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel of personal, historical, and.

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It is a place where silence closes about you after the bustle of the train, where a soft, dry wind from great distances hums through the telephone wires and a stage road goes out of sight in one direction and a new railroad track in another. There is a huge difference between a book and a novel. I love the concept of the angle of repose as applied to these complex relations. But he also suggests there is a point of no return where couples are broken and can never be put together again.

Wendell Berry and Larry McMurtry also wrote about the West but instead of mining as a fulcrum, it was cattle drives or farming.

Angle of Repose Reader’s Guide

Fairyland, a storybook country of antique courtesy and feudal grandeur, with a passionate concentration of the picturesque on which Susan Ward throve. In her youth, Susan Burling the character based on Mary Hallock Foote was a promising writer and artist connected with some of the leading lights in New York culture. Forced to retire from his work as a history professor, he can at least pursue his vocation as a historian, and in a manner that also provides him with a way of reflecting, by proxy, on his failed marriage, his relationship with his son, and the inevitable constrictions of his future.

And then absorbed in the story, page after page, the reader is suddenly jolted by a passage that transports her out of the story and into the landscape, a erpose which describes the beauty of a land sometimes harsh but always mysteriously beautiful … and at times the beautiful because of that harshness.


I started the book about 4 or 5 times, and when I finally did slog through it, it was in 5 and 10 page increments. I hear it as it was now and as it is then.

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He lived beneath the mountains that I call home. Is Lyman Ward a reliable narrator? The story was set in the s in Grass Valley, California. Would someone like Thomas Hudson walllace brought her more happiness? Oliver I think never really realized that his wife has a life of her own as well, with his worthiness as husband and provider being enough to keep the family in check where he just does what he thinks best to secure a bright future for them, but money issues, steggner and suspicions about Susan’s love for him, troubles are never far away.

But he had been dead two months when she lay down and died too, and that may indicate that at the absolute vanishing point they did intersect. What emerges reoose an enthralling portrait of four generations in the life of an American family.

On top of this, Lyman reflected on his own former marriage.

Angle of Repose (Contemporary American Fiction): Wallace Stegner: : Books

The basic details seem to be these: I’m sure I will read it again a few more times. I just coul I read this book based largely on the Goodreads reviews. I was gasping from the injustice, the cross-purposes, the lack of communication an Staggering. Had Susan’s story been just the main focal point then there is every chance this could have turned out to be a flat epic melodrama but thankfully this is not the case as Lyman Ward who is our narrator is every bit as important to the overall structure with the perspective of his own self that helps to broaden the novels scope.

He was a mining engineer. Honest and straightforward, educated yet unpretentious, cantankerous yet compassionate, Wallace Stegner was an enormous presence in the American literary landscape, a man who wrote and lived with ferocity, energy, and integrity. What is Stegner saying about the past and future? Susan often wonders if she made the right decision in marrying Oliver.

They wait for their break. Having been bought up east in the New York area where civilization is settled and life grand, Susan would go on to make the ultimate sacrifice regarding her own aspirations and leaving behind her family and very close friend Augusta to travel stegnrr west with her husband who has a sallace vision for their future.


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It came to you secondhand in the letters of Augusta Hudson. Angle of Repose in fact made me think often of my research on gender and genre: Views Read Edit View history.

Angle of Repose by Wallace Stegner

For the engineering term, see Angle of repose. Oct 17, Laysee rated it it was amazing Repoze But it gets less likely. Little did I expect that the taming of the Wild West could be so intricately reflected in the ongoing evolution of a marriage, with all its tensions, compromises and sporadic moments of exultation; a marriage that seemed doomed to failure from the start.

None of these modest goals were ever won by Oliver Ward. The Day of the Jackal Next review: It is so Stegner fills in the holes. But Lyman finally understands that above any aspiration to moral justice, greatness or dignity, above pride or self-discipline; the only chance of a future, the only means to accept his situation is to forgive the cumulative errors of the past.

You’ll do what you think you want to do, or what you think you ought to do.

June 8, at 9: Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. Layered on the frontier story is the fictional story of the man writing it who turns these pioneers into his grandparents.

I have a good deal of confidence in both Susan Burling and the man she married. It turned illusory even the things on which she had fixed in the attempt to make the strange world real.