A list of Keynotes for Ambra Grisea (ambr.), taken from RADAR homeopathic software, with links to a query for the remedy analysis in Encyclopedia. AMBRA GRISEA*. By Drs. C. E. WH~EL~,~ and J. D. KENYON. Ambergris, a morbid product (intestinal) of the sperm whale. ” AND makes the hollow waves that. Outcomes and Lessons Learned From a Randomized Controlled Trial to Reduce Health Care Utilization During the First Year After Spinal Cord Injury.

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The throat complaints are worse in the morning. Exercise 36 – EH Analysis In the following graph, taken from the Encyclopedia Homeopathica EH software analysis, each symptom included in the search is aambra by a different color.

A number of physical symptoms are brought out by listening to music. Thinking difficult in the morning with old people.

Ambra Grisea (ambr.)

Itching, smarting, and stinging at the anus. Make a Donation Join Login. Sore rawness between thighs. Many of the symptoms appear during sleep, and diminish after rising.

On sleeping, startings with fright. You must get the whole remedy in order to comprehend it. Vertigo, with weakness in head and stomach. Excitement, agitation, and precipitation, chiefly during intellectual labors.

Oppression felt in the chest, and between the scapulae.

Ambra grisea | National Center for Homeopathy

Pulse accelerated with ebullitions. Rheumatic pain, as from a bruise in the chest. What a strange thing that is! Constipation and tardy stools. Perspiration from slight exertion, especially on the abdomen and on the ambda.


Coldness, trembling and stiffness of the extremities. Itching in the palms of the hands. Pressive squeezing, with perplexity, principally in the forehead and occiput. Chill in the forenoon, with weakness and sleepiness, better after eating. Flushes of heat, returning every fifteen minutes, worse towards evening. amba

To view the analysis in EH, hit the function key F8 and you will see the analysis for that query. Arthritic pains in the joints of the feet and in the great toes.

That is a sort of general feature of this remedy. Acute sensation of drawing in the ears. Pressure and cramp-like pain in the stomach. Sometimes these complaints come on in the middle of the night, rousing him up with rumbling and cutting in the bowels. Many browsers will change the file extension to.


After eating, pressure at the pit of the throat, as if a piece had stopped there. The urine will not start when anyone is around. Shooting pain in the loins.

Ambra grisea

He gets up with confusion and dulness of mind and is in a dreamy state and towards evening he takes on symptoms of insanity. Hepatic pains, most frequently pressive. Suited to excitable, nervous children. During menstruation, increased swelling of varicose veins, with pressure in the legs.


To download the file, right click on this link. Restless, excited, very loquacious. Silly prattling, loquacity, jump from one subject to another, ask questions but don’t wait for the answer.

Hiccough after having smoked tobacco.

Heartburn from drinking milk. Menses too early, and too profuse. In the female there is discharge of blood between the periods at every little accidents, as straining at stool or extra work. Pressive drawing pain in the nape of the neck and in the back. Sensation of rawness in the chest. There is a tickling, spasmodic cough. Confusion of mind and embarrassment in the presence of other persons. Gfisea itching, with swelling of the external parts.

Bloody urine with red sediment in the urine. Itching of the inside of the soles of the feet. Pressure in the forehead, with fear of losing one’s reason. Home Contact Us Donate Store.

Dreamy state of mind.

Slow of comprehension, has to read a sentence over and over again, and then does not understand, thinking powers are quite impaired.