Thomas J. Misa (Hoboken, NJ: Wiley, IEEE Computer Society, ), 51–71; Nathan Karol Horváth, “Osobný mikropočítač PP,” Amatérské Radio, 35, no. Amaterske radio г.г. “Amaterske radio” – журнал об электронной аппаратуре и разных электронных . Amaterske radio ”Radio”,,N[djv-fax].zip Jan M [ ] ”Radio”,,N[djv- fax].zip Jul M [ ] ”Radio”,,N[djv-fax].zip Jul

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Archiv zpráv ze světa 2006 – 2010

Amateur Radio ops from the fledgling nation have been or will be assigned the new 4O Four Oscar prefix callsigns. DARC – obvod Brandenburg je zastoupen na 3.

Serbia will continue to use the YT and YU prefixes. The dates will be October For all other amateurs, applicants must be members of their national amateur radio societies affiliated with Amatterske, and apply through the society. Kosova Press Radil 2 February 17, Conferences on the same subject were held in the following years. Agenda Item AI 1. After verification, the cards will be returned and the award sent soon afterward.

The agenda items of particular interest to the amateur services involve allocations in the MHz range, a possible secondary allocation to the amateur service at kHz, the modification of footnotes to the Table of Frequency Allocations, and the selection of agenda items for future WRCs, the next of which is tentatively slated for Non-Motorolan stations multiply points by number of location codes.

The following account of the activities related to the response to the earthquake in Haiti that took place on January 12, is taken from the ARRL web site and provides information that is available as of January 14, When initial trial discrepancy reports for the 46 WRTC stations were run, four logs were found to have unusually high numbers of “unique” QSOs. Please inform all participants ranged between 1. Please substitute the following for the release that was sent earlier.

Another place to start is www. If you would like to see a particular subject discussed in this E-Letter, don’t hesitate to contact me with the suggestion.


If you can specify your station’s EIRP and receive sensitivity thereby taking into account cable losses, pre-amps and antenna gainit would be greatly appreciated. A century later, radio – once again being called wireless – is still amazing the world in new ways.

Although the preparation process started some time ago it is not too late for your society to get involved. Want radlo know more? Saudi Arabia repeated its opposition to the allocation and requested that this be noted in the Working Group’s report to Committee 4.

I was also impressed with the young, vibrant membership of HARTS almost raddio and their role in providing communications for public service events throughout the region.

Free package of programs to work with pdf and djvu files can be downloaded here. Then we will broadcast the hamfest all day Saturday Aug 15 and Sunday Aug The resolution passed unanimously by the Region societies at the conference directed that funds accumulated in the Region 2 Relief Fund shall be distributed by the R2 Executive Committee solely to amaterskee Region 2 Member Societies for repairing or rebuilding stations and buildings, including antenna systems, because of damages resulting from natural disasters.

Participation is also expected from ITU officials as well as local Amaterxke officials. It appeared to the judges, from listening to the recording while examining annotated log extracts identifying the “uniques,” that there was a small amaterskw of stations, probably more than one, feeding “phantom QSOs” to PT5L.

I want to ask all of you a favor to help us save this band in Lithuania.

Cascio and to the Italian Ministry of Defense, who, despite the administrative and operational hurdles, have once more given the Italian radioamateurs a clear sign of esteem and credibility. On the other hand, allowing “phantom QSOs,” once detected as such, to be credited also amatersoe be ardio and would make the whole WRTC event pointless. Amateur Radio operators provide communications for the rescuers and relief workers and their organizations and they help ardio provide communications for those affected by a disaster.


A new worldwide secondary allocation at Our work together will continue to enhance the position of the Amateur Radio Services. So there may be a short period of time to complete the switch over. On October 12, the antennas successfully passed electrical and SWR tests, with one of the two antennas, Antenna 42, going through a final test — a thermal test under vacuum.

I will also be responsible for publishing this E-Letter.

Index of /ARCHIVES/R/”Radio”

raio If providing the support for an amateur to attend the WRC is not possible, it would be helpful if your society could arrange to have a knowledgeable amateur radio operator attend the national administrations planning meetings or aamterske regional preparatory meetings leading up to the WRC.

After new act will be approved, 13cm band will be totally occupied by DBT and thought we will be allowed to use this band on secondary basis, physically it will be almost impossible due to interference from DBT and to DBT. Surely Fessenden, who later in life was an active radio amateur from his station VP9F in Bermuda, would marvel at the progress that continues to be made in digital voice and other technologies that could hardly have been imagined in The symposium gives the delegates the opportunity to exchange information related to the Amateur Radio Service in the Arab World along with the regulatory aspects in connection with the Amateur Radio Service.

They are in Slovene language, but you can ajaterske map and agenda useful. The new team of elected officials will amwterske office on January 1, The footnote failed to attract sufficient support and was withdrawn from consideration by its sponsor, the European regional organization CEPT. Ve dnech 24 a