Although there are certainly some finger-busting chords in his music, most of Holdsworth’s voicings are four-note chords that follow the “drop. Virtuoso guitarist Allan Holdsworth was born in Leeds, UK in Holdsworth is known for his legato lead lines but his chord use is equally. information regarding his experience of playing with Allan Holdsworth. The Allan Holdsworth story. .. 1 Source: Melody Chords, Allan Holdsworth.

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Raise each note to the next note in the scale a nd we end up with the same inversion two frets higher, here named E11 but again used for any diatonic C Major chord.

Holdsworhh basically how I think of scales. This time we have a different inversion. Holdsworth is known for his unusual chord voicings that often involve large stretches and his approach to using chords: Newer Post Older Post Home.

In the mystifying yet very relaxing clip below—before he starts demonstrating his 10 most useful scales—Holdsworth explains how he tried to use math as a means of mastering scales when he was younger. Play combinations of these over any C major chord e. As a result of his studies and other influences, he realized chords are merely parts of scales that are being played simultaneously.


Although this chord is labelled D11 here, Allan would use this chord in place of any diatonic chord from C major. For example if playing a C major chord, the chords may not necessarily be an inversion of any kind of C Major chord, but just something that comes from the scale.

A New Guitar Chord Every Day: Allan Holdsworth Chords

For example, if it’s a D minor major seven scale, the name I give the scale is only a means of identification. For me, the only thing that makes one scale different from another is not the starting note; it’s the separation of the intervals.

This chord uses the notes G, C, D and A. Here we take one inversion and take it through the C Major scale. Holdsworth is known for his legato lead lines but his chord use is equally interesting.

Posted by Guitar at Tuesday, 29 January Allan Holdsworth Chords.

It’s for no other purpose. If you’re a wee bit confused, you’re in luck because Holdsworth explains it all in the video.

Allan Holdsworth Chords Blues in F Exercise

Labels 11th 5 12 7th chords 12 13th 5 6 3 69 6 7th 24 9th 7 add9 12 advanced guitar chords 9 allan holdsworth 2 altered 5 augmented 1 beginners 26 blues guitar chords 5 chord substitutions 4 diminished 2 dissonant chords 8 dominant 39 easy guitar chords 24 guitar chords for beginners 24 half diminished 3 harmonics 7 hendrix chords 6 how to read chord boxes 1 I 29 ii 14 iii 11 IV 33 m7b5 3 magic chords 4 major 42 major13 5 major7 3 major7 11 5 major9 8 major9 11 1 minor 33 minor 9 3 minor add9 6 minor major7 3 minor major9 2 minor11 4 minor13 3 minor6 5 minor69 3 open chords 14 passing chords 2 polychord 2 power chords 2 quintal harmony 2 rock guitar chords 2 stretch chords 6 sus2 2 sus4 5 suspended 7 triads 12 unconventional chords 15 V 41 vi Raise each note to the next note in the scale.


You can then play any note that is diatonically correct for that scale that sounds good. Holdsworth died Sunday, April 16,at age This is quite different to the more traditional jazz approach of playing chord changes. Like a lot of guitarists myself includedHoldsworth had his own musical language and, as a result, his own naming conventions for several scales—and who knows what else.

As one YouTube commenter put it, Holdsworth could be considered a test case of “reinventing the wheel. In the process, he identifies 10 “really usable scales” that you can use for “most everything.