תניה said: My attempt at reproducing Alinea’s Surf Clam dish. The debut cookbook from the restaurant Gourmet magazine named the best in the country. Not so with the recently released Alinea cookbook. Consuming this one has been a more protracted commitment, spanning a few weeks, filling. San Francisco resident Allen Hemberger received Alinea, the cookbook, as a Christmas gift the year it came out, and soon enough he was at.

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If that were the case I would be out of a job.

This is not a home-cook book. The debut cookbook from the restaurant Gourmet magazine named the best in the country. Michael Ruhlman considers Alinea’s role in the global dining scene, Jeffrey Steingarten offers his coikbook take on dining at the restaurant, and Mark McClusky explores the role of technology in the Alinea kitchen.

The pictures are gorgeous, and it is a great souvenir, but unless you are really into molecular gastronomy, I don’t see this having a broad colkbook. The fact that it came out so wonderful is no surprise since it comes from the very gifted Chef Grant Achatz.

Thanks, Donna Only it’s not really dookbook cookbook. For more information, please see http: He lives in Chicago with his girlfriend and two sons, Kaden and Keller. My issue with the book is with the essays. I almost wanted to add this book to my “Art,” “Fantasy,” and “Science Fiction” Goodreads shelves, but restrained myself. Bravo to Grant Achatz for creating this singularly mesmerizing cookbook, all the while fighting for his life against cancer. And top that with smoked salt, and bee balm or mint, if you can’t find bee balmand peppercorns.


Do not expect to go into this book and bookmark half the entries.

Congrats for doing it the way they wanted and at the price they wanted — How on earth they did it for fifty bucks is as astonishing as the food they create. The essays offer insight into the process and feel of Alinea and were interesting to read.

Alinea, the cookbook

Plus I made the choice to order from the website so I could get a signed copy and feel good about where all of the money was going. Imagine it surrounded by peppery greens ckokbook flavors are so intense that they seem to crystallize.

I have no desire to build any foams or scented air pillows, but the construction of that one, perfect bite seems like a worthy goal to me. The narrative is interesting, and well written, both Achatz’ autobiographical stuff and the history of his restaurant, Alinea.

Guy Who Cooked the Entire Alinea Cookbook Wrote a Beautiful-Looking Book About the Experience

Rather, expect to be inspired. As a foodie who is more interested in rustic foodways, I’m almost offended by molecular gastronomy. Food Styling and Cookbook Art Hand-drawn illustrations and super-saturated photographs.


And some of the recipes are for things like “juniper berry skins”. Thanks for telling us about the problem. My autographed copy finally arrived. In my opinion, this is aljnea best book to learn not only about the famous chicagoan restaurant, but also the menu items as well as the molecular gastronomy recipes of the menu items. All in all, I think this is one of the most important cookbooks to come out in recent memory and is definitely worth picking up.

Guy Who Cooked the Entire Alinea Cookbook Wrote a Beautiful-Looking Book About the Experience

Half, Kokonsas said, have been presold. The approach of Chef Achatz of the ever-constant questioning attitude and the quest to surpass expectations is quite unique. The average home cook who alniea not own agar agar or an antigriddle is not catered-to. This book is bound to be inspirational regardless. Well, It is great no doubt and has substance again no doubt.

It’s pretty unlikely Cookbiok ever be able to cook any of these dishes, but maybe, just maybe, I’ll get to experience them at Alinea someday. He spoke of self-publishing, then later of his deal with 10 speed.

Oct 31, Justyn rated it really liked it.