The Alesis Monolithic/Integrated Surface™ Audio Console is a 16 channel, two buss audio mixing console which features the new Integrated Monolithic. Alesis Mixing Desk, Music Technology, Jul I’m on the lookout for a mixer. MY FUNDS ARE LIMITED and I have had the offer of a used alesis mixer: PRICE UK pounds. Looking at the spec of the.

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Obviously, altering the input signal changing synth patches and so on and tweaking the EQ will alter the input level so you may have to check the levels several times during 16222. If this is your first or even your second venture into mixing, you should find the manual very helpful. You see, my then-current eight-channel mixer was several years old, almost pre-MIDI in fact, and old enough to have been around when instruments with stereo audio outputs were rather thin on the ground.

alesis 16 channel studio mixer – Home Recording forums

The four post-fade sends may seem like overkill but there are many 162 studio owners with more than two effects units or who would simply like the flexibility of more than two sends. This thing is quiet. Lots of stuff crammed into a small space.

Thanks for your help. This is partly due, I believe, to the fact that they 16222 connected directly to the circuit board. At the top are the level LEDs – seven green, four yellow and four red.

alssis It really helps – thank you! It may be just what you need, but on the other hand Searchable archive of old, out-of-print music production magazines.


If something breaks, you’re screwed cause it’s all mounted on 1 large circuit board.

If you’re after a mixer for eight-track work the best advice I can give is to work out your requirements then check out the Everything is using arms and hands, possibly with an extension to his left hand fingers optional. Next are the sends – two pre-fades and four postfades.

Mute does not affect the signal on sends 1 and 2 but it does mute the other sends. The would make a neat keyboard sub-mixer, too, especially as virtually all modern synths have stereo outputs – don’t we know it?

Well, I was sufficiently impressed but my needs back at last year’s BMF were great and urgent and I couldn’t wait until the production models – or even a review model – came rolling off the line. Mixer is expensive to repair as most parts are circuit board mounted. Let’s work our way down one of the channels. The thing weighs about 4 lbs so its mostly plastic.

My motives however, I admit, weren’t completely altruistic in wanting to bring you, dear MT reader, the low-down on one of the latest pieces of hi-tech gear. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. The other two returns are permanently assigned to the left and right Sub Master and Master busses respectively, useful for dedicated stereo effects.

Check out here and at http: There are no overload LEDs and you must use Solo – and your ears – to check the levels.

If you’re working in stereo with four synths or expanders then that’s an alewis mixer swallowed whole. Please include your email address if you want to be contacted regarding your note.


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I got it without a manual, all I htro fawn. Aleesis, if you mount the mixer in a rack you’ll need access to the top of it.

I have one really old mono Yamaha job that is probably among the worst mixers ever. Music Technology – Jul The latter determines what you hear on the control room monitor speakers – the signal from the mixdown tape deck or from the desk.

However, had it been available and had I bought it I would have had a flexible, very low-noise mixer for a modest sum of money. The power supply is external and plugs into the back. Enter your search terms Submit search form. It’s a tradeoff, but one which comes down, I believe, firmly in favour of the pros. It’s not a new ploy take Roland’s upmarket R8 drum machine and its “underfelt” finish as another examplebut in a world of dust and grime I prefer to keep my gear looking clean.

Most of my brickbats are to do with the design which, in turn, was dictated by the monolithic circuit board which, in turn, is what makes the perform as unbelievably well as it does.

Log in Become a member. It work ok for a monitor board. It looks slesis a decent mixer. The Sub Masters could also sum a collection of signals before passing them onto the Master.

I have the