Alceste (Christoph Willibald Gluck): Synopsis, Libretto, Highlights, MIDI, Noten, Sheet Music. Alceste. Musica di. George Frederich Handel. HWV A cura di http://www. Ottobre Ouverture. Alceste, Wq. 37 is an opera by Christoph Willibald Gluck from The libretto ( in Italian) was written by Ranieri de’ Calzabigi and based on the play Alcestis.

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Eumelus Mother, do not torment yourself so. When Gluck published the score of Alceste inhe added a preface written by Calzabigi, which set out their ideals for operatic reform. Ismene, Evander Sacred gods of heaven! The oracle says Admeto can be rescued alcezte another voluntarily sacrifices his life. Ah, I am lost! The earth shall know my refusal. Now with sublime wlceste my heart is filled. Scene 1 The magnificent entrance hall of the palace.

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Oh Dio, mi baci e piangi! They all leave in various directions. Oh giorno infausto troppo! See to what pain the gods condemn me. Oh genti, in rispetto, in timore tacete, udite, e tu deponi, Alceste, l’orgoglio del diadema; piega a terra la fronte, ascolta e trema. Evander Ah, hurry, O Queen, in a short time Admetus will live no librteto What more is there for him in this his mortal agony?

When Alceste appears, he questions her until she confesses. Ah, mentre in vita mi serba amor che vive in me, s’affretti il glorioso cimento.


No, human madness cannot so serve Heaven. Admetus Does heaven threaten other dangers?

Our only hope, our love this cruel fate takes from us, and in so grave a disaster I do not know which to feel sorry for first, the realm, myself or my children. Gods of the Underworld Then come, death receives you, and shows you the path of Libretyo.

Through what vain hope? Evander Ah, my king! Alcestis with majestic determination He has Alcestis.

Alcestis approaching the altar and burning incense Vesta, you that were and are my first guardian spirit, for ligretto children receive, alas, my children on this day.

On the balcony of the Royal Palace, preceded by a sudden trumpet fanfare, a Herald appears. All Too much does heaven demand, too much is asked, too librettl is asked of us. He who serves and he who rules is born to suffering; the throne librettk not the height of happiness. She sang the role a total of eight times that season. And would leave me and speak of dying. But if this hero is known to you, this friend, this benefactor, reveal it to me: They will ask me — ah what grief — for their mother.

Ismene O, how quickly in its fair flowering your pleasant life has fled from you!


What shall I say? If I take away from you a beloved husband, I abandon to you a faithful wife; I do not complain of this my lot, this exchange I do not call cruel. Lo san gli dei, lo sa il mio cor. Entertain more cheerful ideas in your soul; think of rejoicing. Lo, celestial odours are spread, about the image burns a circle of light.


Numi d’Averno, udite il voto mio tremendo e sacro. L’innocenza giustificata] Wien Antigono 9.

Ernani — Florence Ernani: Do you love me? Voices I do not have the heart… …I do not have the courage. Admetus So many fearful shades! Eccovi servi a una madre – ah, qual madre! I myself offered myself up voluntarily, and my death is llibretto devotion, not through force.

Alcestis Who speaks to me? La madre – ah, che dolor! But why do you not embrace me? King Admetus is dying, and his people are in despair. Ismene So fair, so young, So yield to alecste arms of death. E vuoii lasciarti tanto in preda al dolor?

Ismene Ah, a god! I libfetto you with uncertain hopes to a love that could be extinguished with the passing of years… There you are, slaves to a mother — ah, what mother! Das Liebesverbot, Vienna Das Liebesverbot: A voi, per il mio sposo, io mi consacro.

From our love is granted the life that returns to you; our weeping has won it from heaven; one of your dear ones has fulfilled the oracle.