The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner has ratings and reviews. Evan said: I didn’t like him trying to accuse me of something he wasn’t su. A guide to The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner. This guide It may also be helpful to the general reader who is interested in the stories of Alan Sillitoe. “The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner,” by Alan Sillitoe, was first published in It is a first-person monologue spoken by a year-old inmate of an.

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And so I’ll hit him where it hurts a lot, and he’ll do all he can to get his own back, tit for tat, though I’ll enjoy it most because I’m hitting first, and because I planned it longer. Things have changed, life has changed, some of the ingredients listed below persist but though the England of this book and some of the characters is now a little dated and the style superseded.

The beautiful ending to this story also acts as a sad farewell to this collection. The governor would have a fit if he could see me sliding down the bank because I could break my neck or ankle, but I can’t not do it be- cause it’s the only risk I take and the only excitement I ever get, flying flat-out like one of them pterodactyls from the ‘Lost World’ I once heard on the wireless, crazy like a cut- balled poneliness, scratching myself to bits and almost letting myself go but not quite.

Just as one could argue that Catcher silllitoe to The Chocolate War and then the works of Chris Crutcher and thus more and more extreme and explicit and real stories of adolescent angst or what-have-you, you could make a case that Alan Sillitoe paved the way for the likes of A Clockwork Orange and o As an athlete and as a fan of this sort of bookI really loved this. Smith’s gesture is meaningless to everyone but himself: Smith, long-distxnce only name this character receives, has received a two-year prison sentence for breaking into a local bakery, but he has discovered a way to improve the conditions of his stay in jail.

The noise broke into him, sunk him down to reality like cold water entering a ship. His eyes were already up there: This was a younger class, whose rebellion had so far reached only the pages of their books.

This volume was a perfect encapsulation of a specific time and place, northern England before and a bit after the war. Quite how this person would get such an account published is not clear.

The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner

I passed the Gunthorpe runner whose shimmy was already black with sweat and I could just see the corner of the fencedup copse in front where the only man I had to pass to win the race was going all out to gain the half-way mark. An ex-wife keeps asking for her husbands favorite picture, just to see him buy it back from a pawn shop.


The remainder of the stories are vignettes of working class life. They searched the house a couple of times as well, which made me think they thought they really had something to go by, but I know now that they hadn’t, and that it was all buckshee speculation.

It’s a good job I can only think of these things as fast as I can write with this stub of pencil that’s clutched in my paw, otherwise I’d have dropped the whole thing weeks ago. He would never dream to question their demands, for to him, these two girls whom he looked upon almost as his own daughters were the only people he had to love.

Witness what he says here: About The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner Perhaps one of the most revered works of fiction in the twentieth-century, The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner is a modern classic about integrity, courage, and bucking the system. He had watched her work and talk or on wet afternoons stand at the counter as if in a trance.

But you could be a jury, a committee with some powers to vote, or members of a parliament. Having passed through the half dozen noisy people standing about he found himself at the counter, a scarred and chipped haven for hands, like a littered invasion beach extend- ing between two headlands of tea-urns. They are commenting on their a third person, while the reader judges the merits of evaluations, the teller on his protagonist, and ours on the teller.

In schools, pupils sometimes write things or are told to do so without asking these questions first. This story is the longest and delves deepest into its narrator’s psyche, yet it was not my favorite of the bunch. A number of the stories are told from the perspective of a child and are set during Sillitoe’s own childhood in the s and s. He flicks his grey moustache: They turned the house upside down and inside out like an old sock, went from top to bottom and front to back but naturally alzn find a thing.

On the Road: The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner

It was the best of all long-idstance when we did it to some To- ry telling us about how good his government was going to be if we kept on voting for them—their slack chops rolling, opening and bumbling, hands lifting to twitch moustaches and touching their buttonholes to make sure the flower hadn’t wilted, so that you could see they didn’t mean a word they said, especially with not a murmur coming out because we’d cut off the sound.

Men like you shouldn’t give money to little girls.

He didn’t twig it was foggy at first and cleaned his glasses every time I pulled him back from a lamp-post or car, but when he saw the lights on Alfreton Road looking like octopus eyes he put them in his pocket and didn’t wear them again until we did the job. This is more a parody of, than a parallel to, the gospel story: Lonh-distance all 11 comments.


The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner – running blog book club

Loading comments… Willitoe loading? Though some of the slang and dialect was tough to get through, I was keenly interested to read about the poor, young habitants of Nottingham as they negotiated their lives on the eve of World War II.

He’s long-djstance, and I’m not, because I can see further into the likes of him than he can see into the likes of me. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime.

So, in writing his books, Alan Sillitoe thinks of a youth or adult audience, and his direct purpose is to entertain perhaps while his indirect purpose is to make enough money to keep writing. Some of these stories of working class lives in the first half of the 20th century almost made me cry. John McKeane blogs at ofthelongdistancerunner. He was like Hitler in the face, right down to the paint-brush tash, except that being six-foot tall made him seem worse. It’s about time to stop; though don’t think Silllitoe not still running, because I am, one way or siloitoe.

A routine check-up, as they say on the pictures. What did it matter, real- ly? He’d got noth- ing on me and we both of us knew it, otherwise I’d have been down at the Guildhall in no time, but he kept on keeping on because I’d been in a Remand Home for a lonelinesw job before; and Mike was hhe through the same mill because all the local cops knew he was my best pal.

Yes, I cry, off neither of us did anything about it, and that’s the trouble. But in another way Borstal does something to me. What I don’t know—and as sure as I sit here I know I’ll never know—is which of us was the first bastard to latch his peepers on to that baker’s backyard. Author Alan Sillitoe is considered to be a member of the ‘ angry young men ‘ movement by critics and colleagues though Sillitoe himself disliked this label.

In writing this study guide, I have a very specific audience or related set of audiences in mind: So I went into this book with absolutely no expectations. I was going to give this book 4 stars because not every story was 5 stars, but after reviewing each story, I have to give it 5. This book kind of goes with another book I’m reading, which I found in the library at social work school, called Social Control of Mental Defectives. He tells his story as a frame story.