Sold Airtronics RDS Manual Aircraft – General – Radio Equipment (FS/W). I brought my brand new Airtronics RDS for Show-N-Tell to the July meeting. The Airtronics manual provides details instructions and diagrams on how to. Index of /global/airtronics/Transmitter and Accessory Manuals RDS , , 10M. [ ], Radiant 6P 6H ,

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This allows the receiver battery to be charged while in the plane. Gone is the long antenna that needed to be extended while the radio is in use. On older radios the range check was performed by walking about 30 paces away from the plane and lowering the antenna, but of course that is not possible on a 2. Airtronics radios only have a 3-character model-naming field. The top switch controls retracts when in Airplane mode and Flight mode 3 when in Helicopter mode.

This includes the single drawback to the Airtronics transmitters.

Airtronics had entered the 2. The radio worked flawlessly with no issues. Sleek styling Appeals to a wide variaty of pilots Simple programming Affordable cost Dedicated Throttle cut button. The amount rvs8000 travel with each click is programmable in the radio, so you can set it to what suits you best.

Options Active mnaual Inoperative. It has enough flexibility to appeal to even the most advanced pilots, yet it’s programming is simple enough for any pilot, even those just starting out, to figure out.

Index of /global/airtronics/Transmitter and Accessory Manuals

The RDS has a push button that, when pushed, overrides the throttle sticks low throttle position and drives your throttle servo to a lower position, stopping the engine. The new 8ch 2. Instead of “re-inventing the wheel” by building a radio from scratch Airtronics has adapted their very popular 8 channel RD radio to the new 2. STW Stopwatch – Used as a stopwatch or to countdown to a preset time. So all of the easy to use and familiar user programming is still there for those Airtronics faithful who have grown to love these rock solid radios.


When naming radios in the display is limited to 3 characters to display the name of the plane.

After I was in the air I did have to make some slight adjustments to bring the plane into a hands-off trim condition.

Moving to the bottom portion of the radio we get to the controls used for programming the radio. REV Reverse – Reverses the servo operating direction. STW – Stopwatch The RDS offers a built-in timer and allows the pilot to use the stopwatch function in either elapsed time or countdown mode.

The weight of the receiver is quite low 0.

Index of /global/airtronics/Transmitter and Accessory Manuals

There are two switches and a control button on the face of the radio and one toggle switch located on the top of the radio. Since the actual receiver portion is quite small 1. The toggle switch on top activates the flaps when in Airplane mode, and activates flight modes when set to Helicopter mode. While in the air I noticed that I really liked the feel of the radio in my hands. The height of the sticks can easily be adjusted for the comfort of the user.


A control check was made to ensure all control throws were properly set and then she was away. Now with those small gripes out of the way let’s talk about what I liked about the radio. Available on Elevator and Aileron. The RDS allows you to set the amount of differential aileron travel during the landing mode.

While they have not been the first to put out a Spread Spectrum radio, the radio that they did put out is sure to have some heads turning over at “the other brands”. The transmitter cannot control the receiver until the binding process has been accomplished.

This function is most commonly used for aerobatic models aitronics deploying flaps or flaperonswith elevator control can make for tighter corners on maneuvers such as the square loop. Throttle Curves The throttle curve for each flight mode has five points that can be adjusted to suit your specific needs. And indeed, when everything is removed you will find the RDS Transmitter, 2. While you do have a full range of numbers, special symbols and the alphabet in both upper and lower case, you still have only a three-character model name.

I learned to fly on an Airtronics radio and have aietronics them for the majority of the last 12 years.