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In modelling was apparently still popular enough for Airfix to publish an Airfix Catalogue – – English (collection Arie Lodder) What’s new at WWW. Airfix other in scale No, Twelfth Edition is a NEW tool released in | Contents, Reviews, History + Marketplace | Catalogues. However, I did pick up several of the early light blue catalogue leaflets but I . It was reprinted in June and a small “R” was stamped next to the price.

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Airfix Catalogues

It ran to 32 pages, including covers and measured mms by mms. Oddly the Golden Hind is not listed in either leaflet despite airfox in the catalogue. Inside was a new four page leaflet in yellow mms by mmsslightly larger than the blue ones.

They were available with and without prices. Printed January it ran to 64 pages. All the leaflets were the same size A4. It was the same size as the 6 th Edition and had the same number of pages.

There were three issues. One was clearly intended as caalogue insert for the catalogue and it is shown as such on the back 1795 the other leaflet. Two blue price lists were issued, each showing the B model. I have a third variant which does not have a price on it but was printed in January The inside back cover has a three quarter page advert for Airfix Magazine which shows the November magazine.


There were a few airtix kits listed and they were slightly larger than the yellow one at mms by mms. However, I did pick catalgoue several of the early light blue catalogue leaflets but I cannot say for certain whether they were included in the catalogue. There were models illustrated in this catalogue, which ran to 36 pages and may have been available at the end of The layout was similar to the previous one s but the extra space allowed for national insignias and airline markings.

On the inside front cover is a drawing of a boy resting his head in his hands which would feature on the front of the third catalogue leaflet. The only difference apart from the colour and mention of Woolies was the price of the paint packs — catalofue 1 shilling 5p in Woolworths!

ctaalogue Being the first catalogue it is possibly the most sought after. I never saw a second issue 5 th edition catalogue at the time but picked up several leaflets from counters.

This was issued in early and cost 9d 3. It may have also been included in the last 2 nd editions sold.


12th Edition Catalogue

Over kits were mentioned arifix the cover. Printed in December for issue in Januaryagain there is no mention of a catalogue number.

The prices had also been increased. I have two, purchased new in There were two issues, one with prices and one without. The cover pictures were by a Pete Kelly. One without the price firstone with the price second? There were three issues of the first, the only difference I can see is that the Prinz Eugen is shown in series 6, then crossed out cafalogue put in series 5 and finally just shown in series 5. Only one leaflet was produced, the 1 st Edition. Only 3 kits are listed as not being in the catalogue.

Details of around kits were given. It was double-sided and measured mms by mms in portrait orientation. They are not shown in the 3 rd Edition price list.