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If digital signature feature is not used, sign in reproducible black or blue ink. The Component will be listed at the end of the statement. The CSS will administer the unit performance report program for the commander.

If the rater is not available, extend the suspense. See Notes 8 and 17 C Example i. Fitness is now one of the Performance Factors being considered.

Elimination of the assessment bar scale. The digital signature feature of this block is independent of other digital signatures on the ar. Assessing verbal communication skills of medical students. Digital signatures on referral reports are not authorized.

Implementation Instructions For New OPR & PFW

The specific school cannot be mentioned. After evaluations have been updated in ARMS, print and forward necessary reports to the MPF, when required, when records are maintained at base level.

Reviewers may comment only under the following circumstances: See Note 14 k. In these cases, it may be more appropriate or necessary to have the departed evaluator endorse the report using his or her duty information as of the report close-out dateor it may be necessary to identify another individual to indorse the report.

Digital signature feature is independent 707g other digital signatures. Do not use suffix. Unit commanders may request an extension when officers are required to fitness test immediately preceding the OPR closeout date and fail to meet fitness standards. The old versions will be available on the e-publishing web page until 90 days after the effective date of the OPR.


Memory and Performance Evaluations at Work. The corrections can be made and the form resigned.

If the rater is a senior rater, the report must close out at this level unless it is a referral report. Comments on medical issues are prohibited and cannot be included in the OPR narrative. For commanders may request an extension when officers are required to fitness test immediately preceding the OPR closeout date and fails to meet fitness standards.

Implementation Instructions For New OPR & PFW

Normally, when an evaluator other than the rater changes after a report closes out, but before it is ready for endorsement, the new evaluator endorses the report using his or her duty information as of the signature date. Receives all evaluations via CMS.

Forj acronyms do not have to be spelled out in this section, but will be spelled out in Section X, Remarks, on the reverse of the form.

Provides space to comment on each performance factor. See Note 18 Commander All digital or all wet signatures. Performance feedback must be accomplished regardless of availability of the revised forms. University Staff Performance 077b Program. Base comments on overall performance and performance-based potential as compared to others in the same grade vorm by the evaluator.

Number of Days Supervision. Multiple general officers serving as evaluators are prohibited See AFIparagraph 3. For example, a new evaluator may not be available if a departed evaluator has not been replaced when the report is ready for endorsement.


All seven Performance Factors are consolidated on the front side of the form. Use the following guidelines when entering identification data: Procedures if evaluator is deployed when report is due.

See Note 14 Example Table 3. The goal is an accurate description of where and to whom the ratee belongs. For example, if preparing an OPR to cover the period from 1 July to 31 December, and the rater was first so designated on 1 September and served in this capacity without a break to 31 December, and the ratee reported for training and duty for a total of 27 days between 1 September and 31 December, then the period of supervision is days, not 27 days.

Ensure the name of the next evaluator is included in the space provided in Section XI.

Unit commanders are in the best position to determine fork their unit members meet this criterion. Performance report suspenses are set such that the evaluation should be closed out prior to evaluators or the ratee departing. Utilize the referral memo located on the reverse of the form. CRO includes gorm of emergency or no-notice departurethen use the day before the effective date of change, or if: Avoid jargon, acronyms, and topical references-they obscure rather than clarify meaning.

Do not sign before the close-out date. Select appropriate choice from drop down menu: If the evaluator is a civilian or a member of a foreign service no entry is required. Abbreviations may be expanded for clarity.