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Jet pipe for Panther /Aeronaut “SUPERLIGHT”: This jet pipe fits the Aeronaut Panther in combination with a Kolibri or P is made. For sale is my newly finished and unflown Aeronaut F9F Panther. This is an all composite kit with removable wings designed for 90mm EDF.

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Just would like more speed and maybe less pitch. Maybe it was the wind but did a couple of rolls and a big loop. I could take aeronsut from grass just sliding on the belly. I have also not installed the pre-made thrust tube yet which will allow you to easily set up your powerplant.

Jet pipe for Panther /Aeronaut “SUPERLIGHT” – GRUMANIA JETS

Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Well I will try to get some photos and as always look for a video camera. This thread has most of the info May 08, This is an all composite kit with removable wings designed for 90mm EDF. I had to hysol my gear as my B and D retracts were leaking so I just put a dab of hysol on the nipples to make sure I can hold air for a few hours. I did about 5 minutes on a 6s pack and it was way windy but what the heck I dont have a rudder lets just punch out.


May 19, Really as long as I can get to the flight line and have enough for say 6 minutes I good but they seem to be holding great now. Piece of carbon fiber rod and epoxy.

Still they do perform great. Use of this site indicates your consent to the Terms of Use. I flew mine with Midi-pro, Kontronic on 6S. The main canopy hatch opens with a hatch latch and the tail section can be removed via screws to access the power plant.

Maiden I was thinking sunday if everything worked out. Jul 11, You will need batteries, an ESC, motor, and a receiver to be ready to fly. The airplane is completely built with all servos and linkages installed and set up. I am including the remainder pangher the stock Aeronaut decals along with all original documentation and the uncut thrust tube. Aeronaut f9f panther full composite 90mm edf. I have down what you guys have said and made sure about the rates on the controls.

SOLD: Aeronaut Panther 90mm EDF *Built, Unflown* FREE SHIPPING!

So what are you bringing out? Jul 04, Mine was on W flew great, bungee.

It is all sealed up now. Hello Guys, if you have flown the Panther from aeronaut.


I hope the gear setup works well as I had to make a few adjustment to the modification to brace the gear plates. This airplane is designed for a bungee launch and belly landing, although Spring Air retracts can easily be fitted to the plane for ROG flights if need be.

Aero-Naut Panther F9F-Gliders Distribution

Find More Posts by rongreg All markings are pressure sensitive decals that can be removed if you ever decide to repaint the plane in another scheme. Images View all Images in thread Views: Remember Me Forgot Password? Well I hope to be able to launch next weekend.

All servos are metal geared, with low profile aileron servos and a pangher mini elevator servo. I have been eyeballing to this version for years but never ordered one. Doug Bateman Registered User.

Well guys, today after work I got a chance to go out a grab a flight. So I topped off the retracts air, and popped in a pack. I have a new toy to show you.