Fill Acog Antepartum Record, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile with PDFfiller ✓ Instantly ✓ No software. VARICOSITIES/PHLEBITIS. THYROID DYSFUNCTION. 24, ANESTHETIC COMPLICATIONS. TRAUMA/VIOLENCE. ACOG ANTEPARTUM RECORD. Additionally, the prenatal record both guides and documents the delivery of good American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) antepartum.

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Certain infections increase the risk of preterm delivery, congenital anomalies, and delivery complications.

Antepartum Summary Extension – All ACOG Forms

During the first examination, the physician can also provide education regarding any findings. Association between maternal anxiety in pregnancy and increased uterine artery resistance index: Current practice is to copy the paper chart at various times during the pregnancy as at 28 weeks and at 36 weeks of completed gestationand transport the copies of the chart to the hospital the patient intends to use for delivery.

In addition to questions about medical and surgical problems, complete prenatal care requires careful attention to specific areas e.

The Obstetric Patient Record: Critical data include EGA at the initiation of care and number of visits. Incomplete information can be a danger to the mother and child and result in injury, inadequate treatment or undesirable outcomes. One study estimates that one-third of all adverse outcomes is a result of poor communication among obstetric providers.

Nutrition Services in Perinatal Care, 2nd edn. Advances in the Human Genome Project have made increasing numbers of genetic screening tests available for patients at risk. The use of a standardized prenatal care system is one indication that good standardized prenatal care is being provided. A separate manual of protocols details the actual anteepartum that is provided when a topic is covered. The case of prenatal care.


Women’s Health Care Physicians

At each prenatal visit, a series of standard measurements is performed. Violence and substance use among North Carolina pregnant women. Good prenatal care depends on many factors but clearly is facilitated by a good prenatal record.

Looking to order pre-printed NCR format copies? As regionalization of perinatal care developed in the s, risk assessment was introduced as part of prenatal evaluation. The antepartum record contains the most critical information needed including the ongoing Medical Diagnoses, the Estimated Due Date, outcomes of any prior pregnancies, serial visit data on the appropriate growth of the uterus and anteparhum of fetal well being, authorizations, laboratory and imaging studies.

It is important that a thorough medical history, covering conditions that could affect the pregnancy, be taken. The aggregated information contained in a patient’s antenatal record should be available rfcord multiple care settings. They are used by many institutions around the country and therefore facilitate the transfer of information. Specific risks and acgo should be documented and a plan of evaluation and management developed for each patient.

Copyrighted by Hollister Incorporated, Libertyville, Illinois. The pelvic examination should include cervical cytology if this study has not been performed within the past year. For example, a patient may have a number of dental caries that they have not had treated for fear of injuring the fetus; the physician can inform this patient that such treatment is not harmful.


As additional information is gathered from ongoing prenatal visits and laboratory evaluation, risk assessment, education plans, and management plans should be reviewed and updated as necessary. zcog


Effects atepartum abuse on maternal complications and birth weight in adult and adolescent women. The record should reflect the accuracy of the date, cycle length, and normality of the LMP.

This chapter should be cited as follows: For example, a patient who experienced preterm delivery in the past should be queried regarding preterm rupture of membranes, preterm labor versus indicated delivery, or symptoms of an incompetent cervix. It also includes a Postpartum Care Plan, to be developed prenatally by the patient and her maternity provider and revised after delivery. The term initial prenatal visit is used here to identify the process of initiating prenatal care.

Many offices and institutions develop their own prenatal record forms to fit the special needs and interests of the physicians using them. This antepartu, establishes the foundation for the physician—patient relationship, particularly when the patient is new to the physician.