Some applicants are ineligible to receive a U.S. visa under INA section (g) due to failure to provide some information or document(s), or some further. Administrative Processing – (g) is given in this category when visa officer wants with a white form stating that we are suspending your case under (g) of. Immediately After Getting (g) It is good to ask as the officer as soon as the or a supporting documents submission form immediately rather than through mail .. me g white slip of administration processing till now my visa status is in .

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Notify me of new comments via email. The application is forwarded to USCIS with a memorandum explaining the case as presented at the time of the interview. April 23, at 2: She asked me all the normal stuff. I wanted to ask if I should for following steps.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Although my case whire updated on CEAC website shows that it was last updated on 07dec interview day. Try to accommodate the employer as much as possible. Waiting for more than 50 days. The Consulate looks at all the documentation provided by the candidate and the employer.

Got (g) white slip,returned all the documents,Is it a denial of visa? – RedBus2US – Q&A

Immediately After Getting g It is good to ask as the officer as soon as the g letter is handed out about the nature of the g given and what next steps need to be taken to overcome it. My H1b visa stamping was done 1 week earlier and we did not dhite the documents for Dropbox together.


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Not sure about K1 visa and g, only familiar with g in H1B cases. It is an application to change status or extend H4 status.

Please shear your experience. Why it is not changed to AP? I emailed again to make sure they had received all the documents they had requested. Further, we were both given yellow g and asked to submit via email some more documents. I then received another g and in which they want me to submit my employer tax returns and I have submitted the tax returns on August and I confirmed with embassy that they have received the tax documents but till now I dont see any update on mycase still it shows the old date in May and it been months and I dont see any reply from embassy or update on my case.

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She only speak Spanish Veracruz — MexI just understand she talks with me the sound: This way are ready and do not give conflicting responses to the same question. March 9, at 6: If any supporting documents are requested try to forj then within the first few days to reduce the processing time and to clear the g sooner.


Again case updated changed on 20feb and 24feb but still it is showing administrative processing. They tend to be good with such requests. My wife had a similar experience with her H4 dropbox submitted on Dec 26th. Usually in these cases the resolution 22g is quicker as the the case is being verified by the consulate itself unless it is further reclassified into other categories of g.


At this time the only thing you can do which is frustrating is WAIT to hear something and keep on checking status. March 10, at 4: I was given a green slip requiring my CV which i submitted the very same day on website but there was no acknowledgement. This might involve using up your vacation and holidays.

One of the methods to inquire about your case at this point is to have a congressman or senator of the district you work in contact the DOS about your case. Can u tell what happened after that. November 21, at 8: If you are a student it might help to postpone your reporting semester and delay the semester you shite if no assistant-ship or scholarships are involved but with jobs it is much more difficult situation.